How to Make Tier List and What is FeniXium

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What tiers are used in a tier list?
How Can I Make A Tier List?
Purpose For Tier Lists What is FeniXium  

A tier list shows how someone ranked members of a related group based on their subjective evaluation. If you are a Super Smash Bros fan, you might decide to create a tier list of your favorite characters in high tiers, and your least favorite characters in low tiers. These characters could also be ranked according to other characteristics, such as their strength or usefulness in battle.

The trend of ranking everything from movie characters to fast food restaurants became popular among YouTubers and Twitch streamers. During the height of popularity of tier lists, striped templates with colored boxes could be found everywhere. In today’s online world, tier lists still exist to rank things and showcase opinions.

What Tiers Are Used In A Tier List?

Tiered lists typically use predetermined tiers. The number may differ depending on the template. Many tier lists follow a scale similar to the American school grading system, while others specify the meaning of each tier with names such as “Most powerful” or “Least favorite.”

Tier list templates most commonly used in Japan are based on academic scores and consist of three levels:

  • S-Tier (Superb)
  • A-Tier
  • B-Tier
  • C-Tier
  • D-Tier
  • E-Tier
  • F-Tier

How Can I Make A Tier List?

Tier lists are frequently created using photo editing software such as Photoshop or GIMP. To set this up:

  1. You can find tier list templates on the internet and download them.
  2. Using your favorite photo editor, open the image.
  3. Choosing an image that you would like to rank is the first step.
  4. Add it as a new layer to the document by copying and pasting.
  5. Set up the tier list by repeating the previous step.
  6. Use the move tool to rank all images by dragging them into their respective rows.

Purpose For Tier Lists

There can be no doubt that tier lists are the most accessed form of curation on the Internet today. By putting together tier lists yourself, you can review what you’ve done and how much you liked it.

You can make a tier list of anything you can think of that is scuffed. Organizing your lists into tiers is a sensible solution if you make lists on a regular basis (because you’re OCD and have no other interests in life).

What is FeniXium

The Fenixium community ranking platform enables a group of people to rank together anything from the best to the worst. Get guaranteed and fast interactions on your answers with Fenixium – a new way to exchange feedback!

Using questions, users can ask for feedback on an image or video or even ask for others’ ratings of a set of images or even have others submit their images, and share specific media for specific topics.

Once the user has earned coins, they can use them to engage with targeted communities and groups in the website quickly and directly.

We now have the ability to offer feedback, ratings, and engage the general public, or simply put an end to disagreements over who is the best or who has the best meme, picture, image, illustration, car, etc …


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