How to pass Salesforce Platform App Builder certification in 2022

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM system that makes it easier for businesses to store and work upon data. It is not just CRM but a comprehensive collection of products and services that help business management. Unlike most cloud systems, the customizability feature has made them stand apart from the rest.

Salesforce App Builder Certification enables the creation of custom apps for IT and businesses. It is a click-to-create app builder where individuals can create custom applications. A developer can work on the App builder to customize Salesforce apps and sites to meet the client’s business needs. The certification exam tests the capability of the individual to plan, create and deploy business solutions using the Salesforce Lightning Platform. The app builder empowers to build, run and use the data models to develop versions to match the business flow without forsaking security and automation requirements.

Why Do You Need a Salesforce Certification?

Salesforce was started in 1999 by Marc Benioff. In 2000, when they staged an anti-software protest, little did people know that the start-up would become a threat to major software companies. Salesforce is the first company to deliver software on the cloud system and thus started the Cloud movement. The CRM giant stands at a current net worth of $181 Billion.

This directly reflects the scenario where businesses find solace working with cloud-based IT solutions provided by Salesforce. Reports predict 4.2 million jobs in the Salesforce sector by the year 2024. With a Salesforce App builder certification, you can

– Add it to your resume and attract the growing Salesforce-dependent businesses.

– Get a good pay package as employers want to hire people certified by Salesforce for their app build.

– It is an opening for individuals with no coding experience to step into app development by focusing on the code framework and platform ecosystem.

– Scale up in your career as the App Builder Certification can prove like the first step toward a Salesforce career.

What are the Skills to Become a Salesforce App Builder?

One must possess some prerequisites to pass the Salesforce App Builder Certification Examination.

  • 6 months to 1 year of experience building applications on Salesforce Lightning Platform.
  • Knowledge of Salesforce license types.
  • Experience in designing applications for businesses and reporting.
  • Practical skills in mobile and social app integration and optimization.
  • Trained in Salesforce Development Ecosystems.
  • Managing deployment and changes on the Salesforce Lightning Platform.
  • It is not necessary for the candidate to have program development or custom interface knowledge.

Are You a Suitable Candidate for the Salesforce App Builder Certification Exam?

The App Builder Certification exam is a skill-up opportunity for a Salesforce professional regardless of his current designation. With no coding required, even an Admin, Consultant, or Developer with Salesforce ecosystem knowledge can learn the course modules and take the exam.

Even people with years of experience in the ecosystem find it difficult to walk over the complex modules by just reading. If you are a dedicated learner and do not give up on facing difficulties, this certification can be acquired with some diligence.

How to Get Started with Salesforce Certification Learning?

There are countless people who are aspiring to gain knowledge about Salesforce certifications. To begin with, there are several ways to gain a basic understanding of the App Builder Certification.

  • Contributions and experiences shared on LinkedIn and Facebook help to get queries answered and improve your knowledge.
  • Trailblazer free content and community groups will help you gain a head start. With Salesforce Playgrounds, you can work on hands-on exercises to assess your skills.
  • Trailhead exercises give you points and badges displayed on your Trailhead Profile. Link your CV and LinkedIn to this profile.

Syllabus of Salesforce Platform App Builder Exam

After having a clear picture of why you want to certify as a Salesforce Application Builder, the next step is to know what to learn and how – Salesforce App Builder study guide

There are different ways to start your Salesforce App Builder Exam preparation. Trailhead trails and courses can be the right place to begin, followed by hands-on experience. 

Salesforce Fundamentals: 23%

  • Given a scenario, identify the boundaries of declarative customization and the use cases for programmatic customization.
  • Identify common scenarios for extending an org using the AppExchange.
  • Apply features and capabilities available to restrict and extend object, record, and field access.
  • Given a set of business requirements, determine the appropriate sharing solution.
  • Identify the features and capabilities available when creating reports, report types, and dashboards.
  • Given a set of requirements, determine the appropriate global, object-specific actions and layouts to optimize the Salesforce mobile user experience.
  • Describe the customizations and use cases for Chatter. 

Data Modeling and Management: 22%

  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate data model.
  • Given a scenario, explain the capabilities of the various relationship types and the implications of each on record access, user interface, and reporting.
  • Given a scenario, determine the considerations when selecting or changing a field data type.
  • Explain the capabilities and considerations of the schema builder.
  • Given a scenario, determine the options and considerations when importing and exporting data, including the capabilities of external data sources.

Business Logic and Process Automation: 28%

  • Given a scenario, demonstrate the use of formula fields to meet stated business requirements.
  • Given a scenario, determine the capabilities, use cases, and implications of roll-up summary fields.
  • Given a scenario, demonstrate the use of validation rules to meet stated business requirements.
  • Given a scenario, determine the capabilities and use cases for approval processes.
  • Given a scenario, determine the capabilities and use cases for workflow, Flow, and Process Builder.
  • Given a set of business requirements, recommend a solution to automate business processes while avoiding errors in automation. 

User Interface: 17%

  • Describe the user interface customization options.
  • Demonstrate the capabilities and use cases for custom buttons, links, and actions.
  • Given a scenario, determine the declarative options available for incorporating Lightning Components in an application.
  • Describe the programmatic customizations available for incorporating custom Lightning Components in an application.

App Deployment: 10%

  • Given a set of business requirements, recommend a solution for key milestones and considerations when managing the application lifecycle and various types of Sandboxes.
  • Given a use case, demonstrate knowledge, viability, and troubleshooting when using change sets. 
  • Describe the use cases and considerations when using unmanaged and managed packages.
  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate deployment plan. 

How to Apply for Salesforce App Builder Exam Online?

1.  The certification examinations are delivered by Kryterion, an onsite proctored facility, in conjunction with Salesforce. 

2.  Fill in the basic details and create a new login if you are new.

3.  You can choose to take the exam as onsite proctored or online proctored. You can select the testing center, date, and time for onsite proctoring. While online proctoring, you must choose only the date and time and confirm the selection.

4.  Pay $200 + taxes as the registration fee. For retaking the exam, the price is $100 + taxes.

5.  Confirmation email for the exam and the payment will be delivered to your mailbox.

 Core Exam Details of Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Exam

The exam comprises 60 multiple choice questions with a passing score of 63%. The time allotted is 105 minutes. This is not an open book examination, and you are not allowed to reference any material.

How to Pass the Salesforce App Builder 2022 Exam?

1. Checklist Method

Create a study checklist with all the exam topics. You can arrange it according to the weightage mentioned in the Salesforce App Builder 2022 Syllabus. Take a printout and check off the boxes as you go. Making notes of complex topics can help to revise later.  

2. Use Salesforce

Get hands-on experience using Salesforce and understand the real-time implementation of the concepts you learn. Find real projects and use cases for a better understanding of the concepts.

3. Mock-ups and Trailhead

There are several Salesforce App Builder Exam Mock-ups available online. As mentioned earlier, learn the basic concepts from Trailhead Free Study Materials and assess yourself with Mock-up and practice sessions. Trailhead badges also work as a motivation.

4. Salesforce App Builder Certification Formal Training Course

It is not always easy to learn and understand from free study materials. Rely on a genuine online Salesforce certification preparation platform for the Salesforce App Builder course With the help of expert instructors and comprehensive guidance, the preparation for the App Builder Exam can be tackled easily. Do not focus only on free exam dumps as Salesforce keeps changing the questions. It is impossible to gain the pass percentage with just the free dumps

5. Assess and Improve

Mock tests can help you check your strength and weak areas. Work upon the sectors that you need to improve.

On the Exam Day – Do’s and Don’ts

1.  Revise and Review

Keep calm and relax before you take the exam. Revise all the portions and know that the exam starts only when you hit the start button.

2.  Read Between the Lines

Take your time and understand the question. Some questions may have more than one correct answer, but you must figure out the best solution.

3.  Time Management

Do not get stuck on any question you cannot answer. Move on and answer the question which you are confident about.

4.  Reviewing Unanswered Questions

Come back to the questions which you had marked to be reviewed later. The order may have been randomized, so check the answers.

Summing Up

Remember that you do not have to score 100%. You need to make it to 63%. Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Exam results are instantly published. Right after the exam, you can know if you have passed. You can always retake the exam if you couldn’t make it to the passing score.

Once you have passed the certification exam, you must maintain your Salesforce credentials. Salesforce releases new products and updates. Maintenance exams are conducted to keep the experts updated with the changes. Hold on to your Salesforce App Builder credentials by attending the Maintenance Exams within the due dates.

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