How to Start a Cleaning Business

If you are planning to start a new business with minimal investment then a cleaning business can be your safest bet. To add, one of the most stressful and taxing jobs people find is cleaning homes and offices. So, by entering this untapped market you have colossal clientele as everyone wants to keep their homes and offices dirt-free and germ-free.

Furthermore, cleaning businesses initial capital requirement is low, except few cleaning types of equipment and chemicals nothing else is as imperative. start a business To add, to clean a home or office space any formal training or certification is not required. Moreover, the cleaning services business is rewarding as well as lucrative for those with strong work ethics and exceptional customer service conduct. The key aspects for your business success will significantly depend upon how the job is accomplished and how many happy customers your business has!

Keep An Eye On Industry

Before entering any business domain it is imperative to look for market and core competitors. Check how many cleaners are already running in your province? Which properties do you want to deal in “commercial” or “residential properties”? Also, initially, you can start the business with friends and family i.e. perform a cleaning job at their place for free. To add, you also need to decide what type of cleaning services you are ready to offer- residential or commercial. With that said you can choose light cleaning services such as carpet wash and sofa cleaning or opt for specialized services such as pressure washing. How big or small you want your business to be is your choice- industry cleaner, a part-time cleaner, or individual home cleaner according to your preferred style, resources, and skills.

So, let’s dig deeper to know how you can start your cleaning services from scratch and things you must know!

  1. How To Get Capital For Business

One of the most daunting tasks for any startup owner is getting the funds to start the business. There are several options entrepreneurs can look for which includes borrowing money from family or friends, taking a loan from a financial institution, and using credit. Plus, according to the size of the business, the startup cost will depend. On top of that, the expenditures often incurred by the owners are typically on cleaning products and supplies, acquiring vital licenses and permits, and most importantly business insurance. Also, cleaning items can be easily purchased from big retail shops at a discounted rate and products required for the cleaning job includes gloves, paper towel, latex, mops, brushes, window cleaners etc. Once your business becomes a household trusted name in the area you can directly purchase from the manufacturer.

  • What’s Your Forte

Another key aspect for your cleaning service is your speciality such as your company is best for exterior cleaning; carpet cleaning, Airbnb cleaning, show house cleaning or pet cleaning, and so on. It is imperative to find your forte and stick to it before investing a huge amount in specialized equipment. Having specializing would surely help your company to have an edge over the competition.

  • Who Is Your Target Audience

Choosing the right audience is the fundamental part of every startup, so when you are pondering how to run a successful cleaning business – invest time in researching locally, what services people want? What services your competitor is missing? And much more! In addition to this, if you don’t have any cleaning experience it’s better to start with residential cleaning in contrast to commercial cleaning. Commercial cleaning businesses are usually influenced by huge janitorial companies with million-dollar investments and enormous resources. Besides this, when you choose a residential cleaning business you can condense your market into more categories like single homes and apartments.

What’s more, when choosing the market keep in mind that at first, you might have to accomplish the cleaning job on your own – pick the clients carefully. With that said, if you go for a large mansion cleaning job it may take up more time and effort, you may not get the expected results. It’s vital to pick the jobs according to flexibility, schedule, and efforts to build long term clientage.

  • How To Set Budget

There are two major expenditures usually cleaning business is subject to – supplies and transportation. Therefore, the expenses depend upon the services offered by you i.e. if individual cleaners the expense could be low whereas if a team of multiple people the amount can be considerably more. So, it’s essential to first set the transportation budget for the company’s vehicle then evaluate other costs.

  • First Transportation– In a mobile business like cleaning services where the work is done at the client’s site the major expenditure is transportation. Hence, transportation is one of the most vital aspects one should be considered before starting a cleaning business.
  • Second Supplies– The expense of supplies depend upon the services offered by your company. If you have a few residential property cleaning jobs weekly then you can purchase supplies from any local retailer. However, if you are working on a large scale under a registered business name it’s best to connect with wholesale retailers to get the supplies at discounted rates.
  • Third Equipment– As mentioned above supplies and transportation are the major expense of any cleaning business, but cleaning equipment for certain jobs should also be inculcated in the budget.
  • Where To Get Clients

Once you have zeroed on what types of cleaning business you want to start and set the budget it’s time to find the most valuable assets for the business- “clients”. Having said that, it can be a daunting task for any business, especially in a cleaning business where trust, credibility, and reputation are significant. So, acquiring your first client and getting their positive reviews can help kick off the business and achieve unprecedented success!

In addition to this, you can get clients from social media such as by creating a Facebook page and adding business on yelp. Or you can create your business website to connect with the targeted audience directly. Plus, ask clients to review your business online – this will help build trust among others!


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