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Are you interested in viewing profiles on Instagram but don’t have an account yet? Even though Instagram limits your access to its content if you don’t have a profile, you can still view posts, images and videos if you know the right method.

In this article, we will explore how to go through Instagram profiles without logging in.

How to Use Instagram Without Log-in

Let’s start by saying that is a complete lockdown if you try to browse it without registering for an account. The only way to use Instagram on Instagram is to have a profile.

You surely do not want to hack Instagram accounts but there are ways to get around the log-in screen, for example as long as you have an exact username to search, and that profile is public, you can still find it.

What you need to do is type the Instagram URL in your browser, followed by the account you want to see:[username] and the account will show up. That account holder won’t be able to see who viewed his/her posts, but they will be able to see who viewed their Stories.

Another method, fully anonymous, is to use third-party Instagram viewer platforms. There are quite a few on the Internet, and one of the most popular is Picuki.


Picuki is a simple Instagram editor and viewer. You can browse and edit Instagram profiles, stories, followers, posts, tags and locations for an unlimited period of time and completely for free. You can check your posts or your friends’ profile posts, followers and profiles that they are following. You can also explore any Instagram tag, e.g. #trends, or you can check likes and comments under any post. Enjoy using and share it with your friends on social networks.

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How to Use Picuki?

There are two ways to use Picuki.

  1. See photos by account search
  2. View photos from hashtag search

Account Search

  1. Click here to access Picuki the online IG tool for downloading photos.
  2. After entering the Picuki website, you’ll get to its homepage.
  3. The process to access Picuki is easy simply by entering the other person’s Instagram username directly on the site.
  4. Picuki will then display all the Instagrams associated with this IG account you have entered, generally, you’ll find which one you’re trying to find.
  5. After you locate the IG account you’re searching for.
  6. Once you have entered into the IG account, you’ll see listed on Picuki the images and pictures from the IG posts on the account.
  7. Even some posts from the IG account are shown to help you.
  8. Then you can begin to look through all the posts on your IG account! Once you have found the post you’d like to download then click on the link to enter.
  9. After you have entered the post image If you wish to download this image you can hit “Download” for it to be downloaded.
  10. Once the IG image photo will be uploaded to Picuki will be downloaded. Since the image on Picuki website is in full size.
  11. There is no problem with the thumbnail shrinking.

Hashtag Search

  • Access to Picuki like prior to tapping the search box.
  • Type in the hashtag you’d like to search for and click ”search” and then “search icon”.
  • Tap “Tags” above the search results. Candidate hashtags are displayed.
  • So you can tap the hashtag you wish to view.
  • Hashtag search results are displayed and you can view the images that have been posted by scrolling down the screen.
  • Then, you will be able to view the images from that hashtag’s search.

Is Picuki Safe to Use?

Picuki is safe. Since the Picuki users can view Instagram content without any login, they may feel Picuki is unsafe. However, on Scamadviser, Picuki has a high trust rating. You need no login or give away any of your info when using the Picuki app. Trend Micro confirms that Picuki is scam free.

However, if you download any picture that does not belong to you, you could run into some trouble, although very unlikely, and these problems are not directly associated with Picuki itself.

Example of potential consequences of accessing other users’ content are,

  • If you download any copyrighted content from Instagram using Picuki and use it for commercial purposes, you may face some legal trouble.
  • Editing or manipulating any image may cause the owners to file legal reports against you. You can always ask the owner’s permission if you want to edit.
  • If you are re-posting someone else’s images as your own, you may have to face legal consequences.

So, generally, there are no safety issues to worry about if you are using Picuki for your personal search or to understand trends and markets.

Instead, the issues you may face are related to what you do with the content you download from Picuki.

Can We Explore a Private Instagram Profile?

You can. There are a few ways to do that, of course with more limitations than browsing a public profile.

Here they are:

1. Follow Requests

One of the easiest ways to view private Instagram profiles in 2022 is to follow people.

It is the first and easiest thing you can do to check anyone’s private Instagram account.

All you have to do is tap on the “follow” button for notifying the users at the other end that you want to view their posts.

After this, you just have to be patient throughout. It may sometimes take a long time to approve your “follow” request.

Once your follow request has been accepted you will be able to view the related Instagram private profile without any issues.

2. Google Search

When Instagram users keep their profiles private, they leave trails of their posts with image search engines. This allows Google to create a library of their previous pictures.

These are posts made before the account was made private. All you have to do is enter the image into the Google Image Search. There’s a good chance this person left some traces.

3: Ask A Friend

If you have a friend who’s already following the person, ask him or her to let you look at the account. Or if they can, to save and forward the person’s posts to you.

4: Fake an Instagram Account

If someone is not accepting your follow request from your original Instagram account, try using some other or fake one.

And no, it is not illegal although slightly unethical to create a fake IG account. However, you can easily create a fake Instagram account and use it. It might convince those who are not in the mood of sharing their posts with you.

While creating such a fake Instagram account, just make sure that you are keeping your account private. This way you can keep yourself safe throughout the process.

5: Third-Party Platforms

There are a large number of apps and websites to serve this purpose. These have been particularly developed so that you can use them to view private Instagram profiles.

You can easily make use of these apps for viewing others’ accounts quite easily, as we have already shown you with Picuki.


In this article we have shown you how to view Instagram without an account. This way you can browse Instagram without logging in or having an account, but you won’t get to interact with or view the posts like a regular user.

Viewing Instagram without an account is possible, but quite limited. Here’s what you can do on Instagram without an account.

  • View profiles. If you know the profile name, you can check the user’s profile information as well as see any links they may have in their bio.
  • View images and videos. It’s possible to click on an image or video to see the content.
  • See comments. It’s possible to read comments left by registered users.
  • Browse anonymously. Instagram’s algorithm means it can suggest related accounts based on what you’ve looked at. When not logged in, there’s no way of your activity being traced.

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