How to Use Octopus CRM LinkedIn Automation Tool

There is no question about how incredible it is to work on LinkedIn. Filled with plenty of features, a business can use this platform in plenty of ways to increase its revenue and gain success. However, there are multiple activities that an individual or business needs to perform to ensure a successful run over LinkedIn. 

Be it sending messages, connection requests, or extracting information on potential clients, LinkedIn is the platform where all individuals and businesses need to be. But to succeed on this versatile platform, you must be actively present on it. It’s not feasible for marketers to give a whole day to manage linkedIn accounts. For this, you are required to use automation tools like Octopus CRM. 

Octopus CRM has incredible features that simplify any business or individual’s work. This article’s main focus will be on how to use Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation tool and its features. But before jumping onto that, let’s learn about what are linkedIn automation tools:

What are LinkedIn automation tools?   

Now that each one of us is clear about why it is important to be on LinkedIn, there is one more thing that should be kept in mind: active presence. LinkedIn, too, is a social media platform. Without showing activeness on it, there is no chance that your account will ever flourish the most positively.    

But with time as a constraint, is it possible for people to show active engagement?   

Using LinkedIn automation software becomes more important than ever to get out of such a tumultuous situation. So, what exactly is it?   

LinkedIn automation tools are a great help when it comes to lead generation and automating daily tasks. In addition, they help in increasing conversion rates by manifolds. Not just that, to showcase the legitimacy of a company, it is important to have a well-managed and active LinkedIn account too. By being an active user on this platform, one can gain access to a list of potential customers interested in interacting with your business.  

Some of the LinkedIn automation software is good enough for helping businesses communicate in a hyper- manner. Others help in speeding up the lead generation process and producing quality leads. There are many other features that are offered by LinkedIn tools that make working on LinkedIn a piece of the cake. 

But with so many tools in the market, choosing one becomes a difficult decision. So, here is a brief detail of the best LinkedIn lead generation tool – Octopus CRM.    

Octopus CRM:   

Imagine how easy it would be if you just had to LinkedIn autopilot all your tasks like sending invites, visiting profiles, and endorsing skills to contacts. Well, with this tool, all of it is possible. So let’s see how to use Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation tool works :   

There are two parts of this tool:   

  1. Pop Window: This window allows you to transfer profiles from LinkedIn to CRM.    
  2. CRM Page: This allows you to work with users you transferred by using the pop-up window.   

Here is how the process will work:   

  • Go to the LinkedIn search and filter out as many users as possible.    
  • Then, you can transfer the profiles to your CRM using the pop-up window.   
  • After this, open up the CRM and select the activity that you want to automate (for instance, visiting profiles, connecting with people of the industry as you, endorsing your skills, etc.)   
  • Once you have selected the action, click on the Launch button to get started with it.    
  • When all of this is over, the next step is to start working on the lists present on CRM.

Before you begin working on CRM, a pop-up window will show up, allowing you to send the profiles from LinkedIn directly to the CRM page.    

Here’s how it will be done:  

  • Open up the pop-up menu and then choose the needed action. (For example, click on “Message” for sending automated messages).    
  • Now select a campaign that you want to work on. If you wish, you can leave this for now.    
  • Decide how you would want to transfer your users. This can be done either from the My Network or from LinkedIn Search. If you want to send the profiles from the LinkedIn Search, visit the search page on LinkedIn basic or Sales Navigator. Here you can filter out the profiles and hit the chrome extension icon to open up the pop-up. Now, go to Step 3, click on “Search,” and press on ”+” button.    
  • Put in the number of profiles you are planning to transfer.   
  • Hit on “send to CRM” and wait until everything is done.    

This is how you start using this amazing LinkedIn lead generation tool. Now, let’s talk about why one should use this tool:   

Why use the Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation tool?   

There are various benefits of this tool that makes it one of the most popular ones:   

  • Save your time and efforts:   

It is a google chrome extension that helps boost prospecting efforts and saves nearly 95% of the user’s time.  

  • Can perform a variety of functions:   

With this platform, you can easily personalize your connection requests for targeting the audience. For example, you can easily send automatic messages to your 1- level connections, endorse your skills, build quality marketing funnels, analyze your LinkedIn stats, auto-view profiles and evaluate the results of your efforts.   

  • Works well with all types of accounts and apps:   

This tool works well with all LinkedIn accounts, be it basic, premium, recruiter lite, or sales navigator. With Octopus CRM, you can work in a background mode and carry – on other tasks. Additionally, as it is integrated with Zapier, you can easily push in data from hundreds of apps, including HubSpot, Zoho CRM, Google Sheets, etc.  

  • Helps in Businesses Growth:   

This amazing tool allows you to brush up on your outreach strategy, create a successful marketing funnel, send follow-ups and perform many more such activities. As this tool is focused on prospecting over LinkedIn, you can shift your focus to other activities that will help your business to grow.  

  • Easy to use the tool:   

It is quite a simple tool and has an easy-to-work interface. You can transform your marketing strategies within minutes by bringing them into use. Unlike other tools, you can set limits on all your activities.   

What you can do with LinkedIn automation tools?  

Using LinkedIn automation software can aid you in dozens of ways. It ensures you don’t have to put in a lot of time and effort to upscaling your business.   

  • Save your resources:   

With LinkedIn automation software, you can give rest to all the hard work and focus on other activities. These tools would perform the task without letting you sweat even a bit.   

  • Personalization:   

When it comes to outreach, there is only one thing that most business owners do not pay heed to but is important, i.e., personalization. By personalizing your messages, you can reach out to many prospects and have higher chances of changing them into your clients. The best part about automated personalization is that it ensures the human essence is not lost from the texts.

  • Helps in tracking performance:   

With this tool, one can easily track how well the content performs with regular reports. In addition, you can easily track down all the tasks that you have been performing on LinkedIn and look for ways to improve them for the future.   

  • Provides a/b testing:   

A/B testing is the best way to figure out which feature of your LinkedIn campaign is working the best. LinkedIn tools provide functions to analyze and experiment with your outreach templates.    

  • Easy processing of leads:   

With LinkedIn automation tools, you have the benefit of checking from which campaign you processed the leads. You can also create necessary filters for extracting data from specific geographical locations, company sizes, etc. 

  • Helps in gaining valuable insight:  

The main aim of having an engaging campaign is not just to gain leads and convert them. Retrospection of how successful the campaign was is also an important task. With the help of the LinkedIn automation platform, one can easily see how great their efforts worked. This software also allows one to store and retrieve data whenever feasible.   

  • Keeping track of communication:  

With an automation tool, one can check out ongoing communication with potential clients and summarize it. Moreover, there is a single dashboard present on these tools that helps view all the chats simultaneously. This way, you can easily locate the chat and see whether this client gets converted or not.   

  • Overcoming LinkedIn restrictions:  

From sending connection requests to viewing profiles, LinkedIn is filled with plenty of restrictions. To get past them, you must use LinkedIn automation tools. These tools will help you safely automate your tasks without crossing any LinkedIn limitations. In fact, LinkedIn automation tools will also safeguard your account from getting under the radar of admins.  


The best LinkedIn lead generation tool strategy that works is outreach. From forming relevant connections and reaching out to them, there are plenty of activities one can perform on LinkedIn. However, for those who want to avoid spending a crazy amount of time strategizing and performing these tasks, the LinkedIn automation tool is your solution.  

One LinkedIn tool that has been most in demand is Octopus CRM-the all-in-one marketing tool for LinkedIn. It is filled with many features that help businesses achieve their goals. It is a perfect solution for recruiters, marketers, and professionals to build a strong social presence on LinkedIn. With the above-mentioned how to use Octopus CRM linkedIn automation tool information now, you can use this tool effectively and efficiently.

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