Indiana School Sings Journey People’s Objections on School Janitors

This post on Indiana Schools Sings Journey will keep our readers updated with all details about the schooljanitor who became a viral sensation after his performance.

How can a schooljanitor go viral. After performing Journey song, the Indiana schooljanitor became viral. People in the United States were astonished by his performance, and they praised him for their beautiful singing. His viral video earned him a lot of applause on social media.

We will be discussing the school janitor in Indiana and the Indiana School Songs Journey.

Why Indiana School is In Trend?

Indiana school janitor became a viral sensation for his rendition of a Journey song. Steve Perry, the original artist and composer of the Journey song was also impressed by the school janitor’s performance and posted the video to his Tik Tok account and social media.

Richard Goodall was praised for his work as a school janitor. Many videos posted to social media showed Goodall singing Journey songs at the fifth-grade graduation. The caption Indiana School sings Journey became viral on Twitter and other social media platforms.

People’s Objections on School Janitors

People around the globe praised Richard Goodall for his incredible singing. Many videos were posted by people showing the school janitor singing Journey, a popular song by Steve Perry.

Richard Goodall, a schooljanitor, reposted Steve Perry’s video and thanked Steve for his response. After Steve replied, Goodall received a congratulatory message. Richard, who is 53 years of age, has been working as a school janitor for twenty years.

Indiana School Sings Journey

Richard Goodall commented on his singing performance in an interview for one of the stations. He said that it was all natural and he didn’t hesitate or feel awkward. He simply put in a Journey song to start singing. He also said that he had not expected to receive such a positive response.

Staff and students from the school gathered to perform a talent show. The show was performed to celebrate fifth graders’ graduation. Goodall was asked to sing a song by the teachers in the final stages. The teachers asked Richard Goodall to sing a song for the students.


We have summarized this post by telling our readers about the schooljanitor who went viral following his performance at school functions. Richard Goodall is a sensation for his amazing performance of Journey song. You can browse Richard Goodall’s social media posts, as well as YouTube channels. To learn more about Indiana School Sing Journey please check this link

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