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Iron Supplements: Why You Should Take Them

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Iron helps in the production of hemoglobin, which in turn carries oxygen to the rest of your body. When your body has a deficiency of the mineral, the oxygen distribution in your body will be affected. That might result in your body feeling weak and dizzy.

In severe cases, the body will suffer from iron deficiency anemia, which calls for quick action to restore healthy levels of iron. There are various ways to get iron in your body. Some of these ways include taking foods rich in iron or taking iron pills.

Why Do You Need Iron Supplements?

Iron Supplements
Iron Supplements

Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, the chances of having insufficient iron in your blood are very high. You are responsible for two lives, and oxygen in your blood is vital to ensure both lives survive. Most pregnant women will be put on iron supplements on their first visit to the doctor. If you have not yet started taking iron tablets, talk to your doctor to know whether you are at any risk of a deficiency.

Exercise Junkie: If you are an active athlete, you might need an iron diet to keep doing what you do. Vigorous body activity requires more red blood cells so that oxygen can be distributed to the entire body. For women, exercising puts them at an even higher risk of having insufficient iron in their bodies. Ensure you talk to your doctor and discuss an iron supplement plan that will help keep your oxygen levels healthy when exercising.

Regular Blood Loss: People who donate blood a lot or experience heavy menstruation also need to take iron tablets to keep their iron levels healthy. Gastrointestinal bleeding is also a reason to up the intake of Orzax iron tablets to compensate for the iron lost through blood loss. In all cases, do not start on supplements or tablets without consulting a qualified physician.

What You Need To Know About Iron Supplements: Iron is a vital component of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to all body cells and tissues. Therefore, lack of it means your body might not be getting oxygen at crucial parts like the brain and muscles.

The results of iron deficiency in the blood could lead to body weakness, fatigue, and other symptoms that limit your body from functioning at optimum levels.

Information on Iron Supplements

You Need a Prescription from a Doctor: Supplements boost the levels of minerals in your body. However, an overdose could be as harmful as a mineral deficiency. It is important to get a prescription from a qualified doctor after an evaluation to determine how much iron you need in your body. You also need to check up with the doctor to know when your levels of iron are back to normal so that you can stop taking the supplements.

Women, Toddlers need more Iron Supplements: Toddlers and infants need to take more iron supplements because of the rate at which their bodies grow. In childhood, both girls and boys need the same amount of iron in their bodies. However, from adolescence, girls need more iron than boys because of the blood loss they experience every month during menstruation which may lead to iron deficiency.

If you have a gastrointestinal disorder, kidney failure, or ulcers, you will also need to have a very iron-rich diet and top it up with supplements.

Side Effects: Taking iron supplements could have some side effects like stomach aches and diarrhea, constipation, and vomiting. Some people experience fewer side effects when they take supplements with food. To help minimize the effects of the side effects, you could get into the supplements gradually.

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