Warning Signs To Know You Need To Learn How To Better Cultivate Social Intelligence

Having high social intelligence doesn’t only improve your mental health and overall well-being. In addition, it also helps you become better at interpersonal interactions. Not everybody has a high social intelligence but the sad thing about this is that it’s very hard to know whether or not you belong to this category.

Do you have a high social intelligence? One way to find an answer to this question is by checking to see if you experience any of the warning signs below. If you do, then you certainly need to check this Mental Map Guide article to better understand how to cultivate social intelligence.

1. Difficulties managing emotionally charged moments 

Do you often encounter difficulties when trying to manage emotionally charged moments? If yes, this is certainly a warning sign you may be suffering from low emotional intelligence, which is one of the components of social intelligenc.

A good example is if you often walk away instead of staying to deal with various consequences of your emotions. You may also be experiencing this issue if you often walk away when something starts becoming too much. In this case, you need to learn to improve your coping mechanism – and cultivating better social intelligence is one good way to do this.

2. Frequent misunderstandings in conversations 

Have your friends ever mentioned that you frequently misunderstand people in conversations? Well, you need to understand that having frequent misunderstandings when conversing with other people is a telltale sign your social intelligence may be lacking. Yes, frequent occurrence of this issue may suggest you’re having difficulties interpreting social cues. It may also suggest you’re experiencing challenges with comprehending nonverbal communication.

If this warning sign applies to you, you can check this how to cultivate social intelligence post, as it will help you when in conversations with others.

3. Lack of self-awareness 

Soсial intelligenсe is the ability to understand your aсtions, as well as those of others. This, in one way, has a lot to do with your self-awareness, whiсh is your ability to foсus on how your aсtions and emotions align with your internal standards. That said, laсk of self-awareness is сertainly a warning sign of low soсial intelligenсe.

Lack of self awareness means you do not fully understand yourself. Sadly, not understanding yourself means you don’t have all it takes to navigate social interactions.

4. Inability to adapt to different social situations

When we say a “person lacks the ability to adapt to different social situations,” what this simply means is that the individual struggles to adjust their style of communication and behavior to suit a specific social context. This problem can be a result of low social intelligence.

For you to be able to adapt to different situations, you need to understand how to interpret social cues and adjust your communication styles. To do this, here’s where the need to check this “how to cultivate social intelligence” post comes in handy. It’ll help you better understand how to improve your social intelligence and understand people better.

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