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Is A Custom House Builder Newcastle More Expensive?

Custom home builders build custom designs specifically made for their clients. Is custom house builder Newcastle expensive? Find the costs involved. Are you considering building a new home? Well, congratulations, as this is the most precious time of your life. However, before getting started choosing the right home builder like Vision Homes is very important. You can choose among the custom home builder or a volume home builder. But here, we will talk about the custom home building process and the costs involved so you get the idea if the process fits your budget. If you wish to find out more about house and land packages in Melbourne eastern suburbs be sure to check out Carlisle Homes.

Who are custom home builders?

Custom home builders are usually smaller companies who build custom designs specifically made for their clients. Custom home builders are flexible with floor plans and adaptable to changes. You can also bring your plans if you’ve already got them designed somewhere else. 

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Custom home builders take a small number of projects per year; hence you get more tailored services, a personalized approach, and clear communication. Also, the materials used are of exceptional quality. You can either work with a separate builder and architect or a design-build company that manages architectural design and construction processes. 

The most significant benefit you get while working with custom home builders is that you get more involved in the project, and all your decisions are considered. 

Costs involved in custom home building

While building a custom home, you nearly have unlimited choices. The main restrictions you have to face are the budget and any zoning limitations or building code. However, the key to a successful custom home building project is formulating a realistic budget and sticking to it till the end. 

The cost of your home will depend on various factors such as location, size, finishing, and features. To build a custom home, you can hire an architect to make the plan and then bid to contractors. You can also collaborate with a custom-building company that manages both the construction process and architectural design. 

Two common methods builders use for ascertaining the cost of the project are the bidding method, cost-plus-a-percentage. Both of these methods work well if you hire an honest builder. Here’s a brief description of both the methods you can consider :

The Bidding Method –

Builders most often use the bidding method while constructing a custom home. In this method, a builder gets estimates from his sub-contractors or uses his own knowledge to arrive at a reasonable cost considering plumbing, electrical, cabinets, flooring, fees, permit, labor, etc. He will also add his own share of profit and a contingency reserve, usually around 10% of the amount. However, bids can vary depending on the builder. 

Cost-Plus-A-Percentage –

This is the least preferred method of ascertaining costs. In this method, the builder estimates all sub-contractors’ fees and gives a reasonable allowance for different materials used. And, once the construction starts, the custom builder marks all the material and labor invoices with a set percentage. The cost-plus-percentage method is not preferred because it may create a conflict of interest. 

Cost-plus fixed fee method –

The most preferred method by both clients and builders is the cost plus fixed fee method. In this method, both the homeowner and builder agree on a fixed price that the builder will be paid for completing the project. 

In simple terms, you will have to pay your builder a fair price for the services given by them. However, the costs vary according to the size, type, and location of the house. Therefore, you must choose a reputable and honest builder as they can make or break your dream house project.

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