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Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing The Cycling Wallet

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Productivity is essential when you ride a bicycle, but it can be even more important if you use your cycling equipment. One accessory that you definitely need is a cycling wallet. Bike shops and online retailers carry several types of cycling wallets designed specifically for cycling enthusiasts. They come in a range of styles, materials, and functionality.

Choose the Right Cycling Wallet models

If you are serious about your biking, you want to have the essentials in one place. That means having a waterproof (if possible) cycling wallet that is functional and durable. The waterproof Timbuk2 Mission waterproof cycling wallet protects your smartphone from water during 2-wheel rides.

It easily fits into your jersey pocket, and conveniently allows you to access all the functions of your phone. Some models include an exterior zipper pocket to secure documents or other items.

Other models are designed with detachable, zippered pockets that are perfect for holding credit cards. Some even include two separate zippered pockets on opposite sides of the phone. You can easily slip your credit cards in when you need to make a call, without having to fumble around for them in your other hands. Some models have outside pocket slots that can hold phone cables or other small accessories.

Grouper Wallet – A Waterproof Phone Holder

Some cyclists choose to invest in a combination of these products. There is a popular product called the Grouper Wallet because it has both a waterproof phone holder and a built-in watertight zipper ring makes it extremely convenient to use while riding.

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The Grouper has a front mesh pocket that is perfect for holding your phone. However, it also has a large compartment designed to hold your other necessities, like water bottle, valuables, and cash. You won’t be left with a dry feeling hand after using your new cycling wallet.

Features of Cycling Wallet Models

If you’re looking for a good, inexpensive model, look for one that is made of nylon and has a built-in nylon pocket. You’ll be able to store your riding gear in this pocket and it will be protected from getting wet while you are riding. Nylon is also a breathable fabric, so your clothing will stay comfortable even in warmer weather. Look for a cycling wallet with an attached snap pocket to attach your jersey.

Some models of cycling wallets even have waterproof zippers and a pouch for holding your essentials. The zippers may be made of nylon, which will resist getting wet and is also breathable. The pouch is usually made of nylon as well and will help you stay organized.

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The pouch can be used as a place to store your dry bag or other items that would not fit into your main bag. A mesh pouch will allow you to read maps or check your bike computer while you’re out riding.

Look for a model that is easy to access and easy to get your hands into and out of. Some models are made of mesh and have small ziplock bags that hold the smaller essentials. This is a handy feature that will keep all your gear organized and ready to go. These ziplock bags may not come with their own matching zippered pockets.

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For cyclists that need their cycling wallet to stay waterproof, look for one with a rubberized pocket. A zipper with a snap closure will be easier to open in times of water than a pull closed zipper, so it makes sense to buy one that has both features.

It’s also a good idea to find a model with a shoulder strap and waterproof zippers. You can carry your jersey pocket and other essentials in your back pack without it getting wet, which makes for a more enjoyable cycling experience

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