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Swimwear for women and girls

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Before discussing in detail petite swimwear, it is important to know what petite means. In the fashion world, petite refers to height, i.e. under 5 ft. 4 inches. Being petite can make shopping challenging because sometimes it becomes hard to find the clothing that fits appropriately. Shopping becomes a little bit more tricky when it comes to buying petite swimwear for a petite bikini. Well! It is suggested that petite girls should shop all things in the petite department. Whether it’s petite size cocktail dress, special occasion dress, petite length gowns, or casual dresses. As we all know, it is the age of designer swimwear, so a lot of designers are now making a variety of stylish swimsuits in regular and petite sizes. In this blog, we are here to guide you to shop the petite swimwear that suits your body makes you feel confident and stunning on the beach.

One-piece petite swimwear

Finding one-piece swimwear especially for shorter bodies is the challenging one. Women with short torsos should opt for swimwear that has adaptable straps or tie components to them. That will help you to adjust your swimwear according to your body. One of the tricks to create an illusion of elongated legs, choose a swimwear with high-cuts leg line. This will create an illusion of longer legs when you put it on. If you want to make your torso look longer, try swimwear with cut-outs or detailing at the waist. This will help you to create a vision of a longer body. Belted one-piece is also a good option in creating a look of longer legs. The belted one-piece petite swimwear with a belt attached higher than the waist, mechanically divides your body into a very visible division.

Petite Bikinis

Finding the right style of bikini on the petite side is much easier than petite one-piece swimwear. Bikini styles mostly suit shorter girls and women, but certain types of bikinis make a stunning look. While there are a few styles of bikinis that might not be a good option for shorter torsos. If you want to opt for a high-waisted petite bikini, then go for the one that doesn’t come up too high. A high-waisted bikini bottom throughout the belly button is the best option as a petite bikini. A bikini bottom above the belly button and a bikini top won’t have considerable space and will create a shorter look. Fold-over bikini bottoms are an excellent option for petite women because they can style them low or high to give a vision of a longer body. For looking at women bikini tops, there are not any limitations on what you are choosing for yourself. However triangle, halter, and strapless with the right bikini bottom are good options for petite women.

Petite Beachwear

Of course, comfort is the main priority whatever we want to wear. In the case of beachwear, we also have a variety of styles and designs out there and among them, some go perfect for petite bodies. Beachwear such as Kaftans come in different lengths, women with petite bodies can opt for the one with a short length if they don’t like long style. Kaftans with shorter lengths are considered ideal for petite torsos. Sarongs also create a great look for a petite woman, when paired with hipster or side-tie bikini bottoms. If you are thinking about petite beachwear, a playsuit is another option. Most of the playsuits come with waistbands, so you can adjust them where your waist appears taller and look attractive. 

Off-shoulder tops

Off-shoulder is another design that helps petite women in flattering their shapes. Horizontal lines off-shoulder go best for petite pear-shaped bodies. A lot of designs and styles are out there for a petite body to look suitable. Whether petite or not, pear-shaped women have wider hips, so an off-shoulder one-piece makes a balance to proportionate the wider bottom. A wrap top is another good choice for petite women because they emphasize curves. They suit any type of body and are very flattering to short girls. If you have an hourglass body shape, the wrap top hugs your body very well and makes your curves more prominent. Women and girls with petite rectangular or triangle body shapes need more curves, wrap tops are the best option to cover the body flaws.

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