Home Technology Is Asus ROG Strix B450 F worth it?

Is Asus ROG Strix B450 F worth it?

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This product of the ASUS family has given importance to both performance and stylish appearances, and the best part is that it is extremely affordable. Though its lacking of in-built WiFi setup and m.2 heatsink lowered its credibility as compared to other motherboards that are integrated with these options but the pros over shine the cons hence we decided to present a ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F review.

Go through all the specifications and characteristics that this board offers and then decide by yourself whether we are correct to term it as an overall good choice. This ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F review will help you be clear in mind to decide on whether to invest money on this product or not.

• Ryzen Processors Supporting Sockets: AMD has its usual AM4 sockets built in that process in high quality for third generation Ryzen processors providing a smooth system operation. Don’t worry if you have got the older versions of first and second generation Ryzen processors since this motherboard works extremely fine for them too. 

• Vigorous Power Phase Design: A 8 CPU plus 4 memory power phase setup along with best quality capacitors made of alloy chokes and are extremely durable for even long term heavy usage. A stable power phase is a strong requirement since it is the source of power connectivity to the central processing unit and even the ram. 

• Multiple High Quality Ports: Connectivity ports are an important essential since you are continuously introducing multiple games to the setup by different means and the eight USB connections of 3.1 ports belonging to second generation, six 2.0 USB ports along with HDMI version 2.0 and a display port, all making your intents easier like installation of graphics card extremely easier.

• User Friendly Software: Nobody wants to go through the struggles of searching multiple websites to reach conclusive software to update in the system hence the user friendly UEFI basic input output system comes at your rescue along with ASUS artificial intelligence network very easy to be utilized for gaming processes.

• Huge RAM Storage: Just like any other board, this comes with 4 memory slots of DDR4 DIMM, which can bear up to a huge 128 GB of gaming setup. Another improved and well appreciated feature is the improved interface of the slots which now better fits memory modules. This improvement is really useful since it aids in literally improving the overall performance of the system.

•  Premium Expansion Slots: The three 3.0 x 16 PCIe and three 3.0 x 1 expansion slots are the best addition because now you can insert more than one graphic card or you can even add WiFi card since this board doesn’t support inbuilt WiFi.

• Impressive HD Audio Quality: If we say this board has excelled in the sound department, it won’t be a lie since it has used ROG SupremeFX S1220 audio codec providing a clear and crisp sound quality through a huge range of 8 sound channels. 

Also an additional use of Texas instrument op-amp that ensures  hundred percent high definition sound quality without a single bit of distortion. 

• Aesthetic Appearance: Customization of the appearance of this board is an important factor this board presents. Two 12 voltage RGB headers aligned with AURA synchronization software makes sure the perfect lighting setup even for the longest period of time. The integrated heat sink appears classically stylish too leaving room for further decorations by use of stickers and there is another exclusive feature too that has caught lots of eyes which is a three dimensional accessory mounting place.

• Other Additional Features:

-Multiple as in 8 SATA ports.

-2 m.2 ports.

-LANguard technology protects the LAN system against surges current changes.

-An Intel powered I211 AT gigabit LAN connector.

-Five way optimization software.

-B450 chipset.

-ROG stickers.

-A user guide manual.

-ROG door hanger.

-7 zip ties.

-RGB LED extension.

-M.2 screws.

-4 SATA cables.

-Pre installed I/O shield.

-Noise reducing microphone.

A Con: One thing which this board lacks is integration of heat sink on m.2 ports which could cause potential damage to the product particularly if it is prone to overclock.

Conclusion: This motherboard ASUS ROG Strix B450-F gaming motherboard comes with exclusive features of convenient overclocking, customizing opportunities, HD audio, best BIOS, an overall great cooling system and is budget friendly too. These all features remark this product as an overall great cost friendly choice.

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