Is Bea Alonzo Dating Know All the Details Here!

Who is Bea Alonzo?

Bea Alonzo, born Phylbert Angelli Ranollo Fagestrom, is a celebrated Filipino actress popularly hailed as the “Queen of Movies” in the Philippines. She first gained fame from her stellar performances in various critically acclaimed films, such as “One More Chance,” “The Mistress,” “Four Sisters and a Wedding,” and “Eerie.” With box-office hits like “A Second Chance,” Bea secured her spot as one of the highest-grossing Filipino actors.

In addition to her triumphs on the big screen, Bea has also made a significant mark on Philippine primetime television, headlining numerous top-rating TV series and earning her the moniker “Queen of Philippine Primetime Television.” As of 2021, Bea became an exclusive artist of GMA Network, where she started her journey with the show “Start-Up PH.”

Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque’s Love Story

The Beginning of their Relationship

The story of Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque’s love started in 2016 when Vice Ganda introduced them. However, it wasn’t until 2019 during a trip to Japan when Bea started developing romantic feelings for Dominic. Despite the rumors and speculations surrounding their relationship, it was only in January 2021 when they finally confirmed their status as a couple.

Engagement Rumors and Confirmation

Engagement rumors about the couple began circulating in June 2023 but were quickly denied by the couple. It was in July 2023, during a photo shoot at Las Casas, when Dominic officially proposed to Bea. The actress shared this memorable moment through her social media accounts, expressing a mix of joy, excitement, and love for her fiancé.

Bea Alonzo’s Past Relationship

Bea’s past relationship with actor Gerald Anderson was a significant part of her life. However, the relationship ended on a sour note with Bea asserting that she was “ghosted” by Gerald, a claim that he denied. Despite this controversy, Bea bravely faced the situation and has since moved forward with her life.

Who is Dominic Roque?

Dominic Roque is a Filipino actor and model, notable for his roles in television series like “Aryana” and films such as “Seklusyon.” His career began in modeling, leading him to his breakout role in 2010 in the soap opera “Habang May Buhay.” Since then, Dominic has continued to rise in the Philippine entertainment industry.

Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque’s Engagement

In a surprising twist, Bea announced her engagement to Dominic in July 2023. Dominic proposed during a photoshoot at Las Casas and presented his offer of marriage with tremendous love and support from fans and friends of both individuals involved.

Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque: The Age Gap and Beyond

Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque share an approximate 2-year and 9 month age gap between themselves; Bea being older of the two. However, this has no apparent negative effects on their relationship at all – they recently got engaged! Now looking forward to spending their lives together as one.

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