Is Faye Brookes Married? Get All the Details You Need Here!

Is Faye Brookes Married?

Faye Brookes, the talented English actress known for her role in Coronation Street, is indeed married. She exchanged vows with the Welsh actor, Iwan Lewis, in a picturesque Cotswolds church ceremony. Their wedding was a culmination of a passionate 10-month romance, announced merely four months into their relationship. Set against a sunny backdrop, the day unfolded seamlessly with the bride in a gorgeous lace gown and the groom in a classic black suit.

Who is Faye Brookes Married to?

Faye Brookes’ spouse is none other than the versatile actor, Iwan Lewis. A Welsh artist who has demonstrated his prowess on both stage and film, Lewis is particularly celebrated for his roles in the UK stage adaptation of Legally Blonde and the movie version of Les Misérables. Since graduating from the Guildford School of Acting in 2010, Lewis has continued to amass a portfolio of impressive roles. His dedication to the craft also saw him taking on the role of Artistic Director at the Barn Theatre in 2017.

Who is Faye Brookes’ Ex-Partner?

Prior to her marital relationship with Iwan Lewis, Faye Brookes had a significant romantic involvement with singer Gareth Gates. Their paths crossed during a Legally Blonde production in 2012, with the couple’s on-stage partnership transitioning to a real-life romance. They even got engaged, but by 2018, the couple decided to end their relationship. Beyond their personal bond, the duo ventured into a professional collaboration, launching a stage school named Fates Academy, aimed at grooming budding talents in performing arts.

Tell Us About Faye Brookes’ Family

Faye Brookes comes from a loving family anchored in Stretford, Trafford. Her family includes her parents, Inger and Carl Barber, two sisters, Nicky and Jodie, and a brother named Jack. Her upbringing, surrounded by such a tight-knit family, undeniably played a crucial role in shaping her character. Faye’s foundational years were spent at Flixton Junior School and later, Knutsford High School. Her passion for performing arts led her to Pendleton College, and she further polished her skills at the Guildford School of Acting, graduating with honors in 2010.

Highlights of Faye Brookes’ Career

Beginning her journey on the theater stage, Faye Brookes showcased her skills in iconic productions such as Grease, Shrek, and Legally Blonde. However, it was her 2015 entrance into the Coronation Street ensemble as Kate Connor that skyrocketed her fame. Fans of the show loved her authentic portrayal, and she was awarded the Best Newcomer at the 22nd National Television Awards in 2017. Post Coronation Street, Faye continued to explore diverse avenues, participating in Dancing on Ice in 2021 and securing the role of Roxie Hart for the 2022 UK tour of Chicago.

What is Faye Brookes’ Net Worth?

Over the years, Faye Brookes has solidified her position in the entertainment sector, earning both accolades and financial rewards. While exact figures might be elusive, it’s evident that her involvement in celebrated television shows, especially Coronation Street, and stage productions has significantly contributed to her net worth. From TV contracts to theater ticket sales, her multifaceted career ensures a continuous stream of income, making her one of the sought-after personalities in the British entertainment industry.

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