Is It OK To Drink Cacao On Empty Stomach? [Get The Fact Revealed!]

Made with milk & a touch of sweetener, cacao is the perfect combination for a perfect drink. Cacao lovers like to drink even on an empty stomach. But have you ever considered whether enjoying the cacao drink as the first food is good for your health? Then the answer is here!

Yeah, it is totally fine to drink cacao on an empty stomach. Cacao drinks do not possess any harmful effects that can concern you about drinking this cacao flavor on an empty stomach.

But wait- there are more interesting facts to know about cacao! So, the cacao lovers, without going anywhere else, stay tuned with us to reveal every fact about the matter.

Can I Drink Cacao On An Empty Stomach?

A beautiful day ahead mostly depends on how you are starting your day. When your stomach is empty like it is in the morning, craving cacao is normal for cacao lovers.

In general, cacao is safe to drink on an empty stomach, and it is also recommended. You can consume the cacao drink in the morning before having a normal breakfast or even can replace your breakfast with a cacao drink. It all depends on your preference.

Eating cacao on an empty stomach can help to boost your energy and increase blood flow. If you are having a cacao of a ceremonial dose of 30-40g, it works best on an empty stomach. So, in this case, it is recommended not to eat for four hours before having the cacao drink.

Drinking cacao on an empty stomach means that the cacao will be the first meal of your day. It will not harm your health and you can enjoy cacao with no worries. But, to some health conscious people, it is not better to replace a healthy breakfast with cacao on an empty stomach in terms of healthy food habits.

Ultimately it depends on the person’s preference for what they want to have as the first meal in the morning to feed up on an empty stomach.

Which One Is Healthier: Having Cacao On An Empty Stomach Or On A Full Stomach?

Enjoying cacao on an empty stomach helps to gain its full functionality best. So taking the cacao on an empty stomach is healthy, without harm.

Drinking cacao after a meal will not bring any herculean problems to your health. It will be just a little slower or less effective than having the cacao drink on an empty stomach.

Although it is not dangerous, it is just recommended not to have a heavy meal before the ceremonial cacao; a light meal will activate the cacao’s function. 

If you have a small amount of cacao, about 10-20g, it is acceptable to enjoy it after a meal. Whatsoever, you know your body best. So always listen to your body, & do so whatever your body prefers.

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Cacao On An Empty Stomach?

Need more reliable reasons to drink cacao on an empty stomach? Then keep on reading and get to know more facts about the chocolaty smooth cacao.

#1- Weight Control

In weight control, cacao can assist you a lot. Drinking a cup of cacao on an empty stomach will sustain your appetite to eat and attune the hunger signals.

Cacao contains MAO or monoamine oxidase enzyme inhibitors linked with the weight control function. Besides, drinking cacao can make you feel full.

#2- Anti-Stress Activity

Have you ever felt like boosting your mood after having a dark chocolate bite? You get it right! Because research shows that dark chocolate containing 70% cacao lowers chemical stress. By enjoying the cacao in the morning, you will likely have a mood booster dose!

#3- Energy Booster

Drinking cacao in the morning or on an empty stomach can feel energized all day without any crash. Cacao is enriched with magnesium content, the cofactor for as many as 350 enzymes.

Among these, enzymes are mostly related to energy metabolism. So, when you drink cacao, ultimately, you are reducing tiredness and fatigue, having energy-boosting benefits.

Other Crucial Benefits Of Cacao

Cacao, either in the form of a drink or dark chocolate, can present you with a pack of healthy benefits. Here are more doses of the cacao benefits you may like to know.

#4- Lower Blood Pressure

Apart from being a healthy food, cacao is also helpful in lowering blood pressure. It enhances the blood flow in the heart and brain & prevents the clotting of blood.

But the effects of cacao on reducing blood pressure are moderate. It has no side effects, according to the review of the research.

#5- Reduces Diabetes Risk

As cacao is packed with flavonoids, it increases insulin secretion. Secretion of insulin inhibits the enhancement of blood glucose concentration. This action of cacao stabilizes the blood glucose level and reduces the risk of diabetes in the human body.

#6- Reduced Heart Disease Risk

According to Sandy Younan Brikho, M.D.A., R.D., the founder of Dish On Nutrition, cacao contains and releases nitric oxide, which causes vasodilatation.

As a result, blood can flow more efficiently, reducing the chance of heart disease and stroke. According to a study, six servings of chocolate per week can be a good dose for enhancing heart health against its diseases.

#7- Reduced Inflammation

The antioxidants of cacao have a great function of reducing inflammation. That is because oxidant substances contribute to chronic inflammation as well as diabetes.

The antioxidant process of cacao suppresses this potentiality of inflammation. But you should also keep in mind that all inflammation is not bad for health because short-term inflammation is a mechanism of our body’s immune system.

#8- Improved Cognitive Function

In an article in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 80-90% of cacao containing dark chocolate have the enhancement activity of cognitive function.

Cacao contains theobromine which stimulates the central nervous system and thus improves cognitive function.

Can Cacao Be The First Drink In The Morning?

Yes, the chocolaty heart-centered cacao is OK to be the first drink in the morning. Cacao can take the start of a beautiful morning to another level & can be the perfect way to start a day. Cacao is energizing & healthy.

It helps to energize, as you already know, so as a morning drink, it will assist you in getting more of yourself and the benefits of remaining stronger all day.

Besides, cacao is a stimulant and helps you to stay awake. So, if you are sensitive to stimulants, you can try cacao in the morning.

[Note: As cacao is a stimulant, that is why some recommend avoiding drinking more than 10g of cacao in the afternoon because it can keep you awake past midnight.]

Replacing the morning coffee with cacao gives you both physical and mental assistance. That is why you can choose cacao over caffeine as a better habit.

Nutrition Value Of Cacao

Cacao is enriched with a smooth chocolaty flavor and is incredible in maintaining absolute nutrition.

From the below chart, you can get a clear description of nutritional info about the cacao [Portion Size: ¼ cup= 28g].

Calories72% Daily Value
Total fat3g4%
Saturated fat2g10%
Sodium224 mg10%
Dietary fiber9g32%

Is Cacao Good For Gut Health?

Cacao is a functionally healthy food. According to an article in the Nutrients journals, it is proven that cacao has a prebiotic activity that helps to furnish good bacteria & to balance digestive health.

[Prebiotic Activity= It is the ability of a substance to support an organism’s growth relative to other organisms. It also assists in the relative development of non-biotic substances like glucose.]

Cacao has prebiotic activity due to the presence of dietary fiber in it. Dietary fibers remain undigested and pass through the large gut. Here the probiotics use it as a fuel, increase their population, and assist in maintaining good health.

Research shows that the people who consume cacao with high flavanol for four weeks experienced a significant increase in the probiotic population.

But that does not mean you should eat and run after any of the chocolate products. Besides, not all people are not born the same. So, you should choose high-quality cacao products in a proportional amount according to your needs.

Raw cacao is the best choice for it. Raw cacao increases the nutritional benefit of the digestive system. The heat produced by the raw cacao does not exceed the temperature that diminishes the mineral, vitamin & flavonoid contents.

What Is The Maximum Daily Dose Of Cacao?

You can enjoy a maximum of 1.5oz or 42.5g dose daily. But the daily amount of cacao depends on your intention. Besides, depending on your personal needs, you can have a guide to know the level of daily stimulation of the cacao.

From the chart below, you can glance at the recommended daily dosage of cacao.

PurposesDose Of Cacao [in oz]Dose Of Cacao [in gram]
Mid sleep cycle0.3-0.4 oz8.5-11g
Meditation1 oz28g
Mild aerobic activities [dancing, yoga, or general gym]1.2 oz34g
Ceremonial dose [standard]1.5 oz42.5g
Ceremonial dose [upper-limit]Up to 2 oz57g
Cacao drinkers [long term or sensitive]0.4-0.75 oz 11-21g
Cardiovascular health [long-term]3/4 oz 21g

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Apart from the discussion, additional information assists you in boosting your love of cacao by gaining more knowledge. That is why we have covered some of the most asked queries by cacao lovers.

Should I eat before cacao?

Eating before having cacao is not necessarily necessary. If you are new to having cacao, you can eat it very lightly before cacao. If you are used to fasting or cleansing, you can have cacao on an empty stomach. Cacao is very filling, that’s why it can stimulate your nervous system by drinking or having it.

What is the best time for cacao?

The best time for having cacao is in the morning. As cacao is a stimulant, it can keep you awake till midnight 4 am if you drink or eat it at noon. So it is recommended not to have cacao within 6 hours when you hope to go to bed. It will be best if you enjoy cacao between 10 am to 4 pm.

Is the overdrinking of cacao possessing any health hazard?

If you drink too much cacao, you can feel discomfort in your body. Besides, overdose or over-drinking of cacao can cause nausea, headache, or stomachaches. Because cacao has detoxifying effects.

What happens if you drink cacao every day?

Research says that drinking cacao every day helps you to boost your energy. Cacao improves mental health, working memory, and attention. It also consists of cognitive functions. So, cacao can be a good chemical for the daily dose.

What percentage of cacao is the healthiest?

According to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, a bar with 70 percent or more cacao is the most beneficial for you. Chocolate bars having less than 70 percent cacao have more sugar. Besides, it also contains unhealthy fats that you may want to avoid.


Cacao enhances euphoria and love for our body, spirit, and mind. There is much evidence that cacao is good for health even when enjoying it on an empty stomach.

But you should also keep in mind that digesting functions are not equal for everyone. Cacao can cause some digestive issues in some people.

So, if you find any change in your health after having cacao on an empty stomach, you should avoid it. Otherwise, dark chocolate is considered the healthiest among all types of chocolates. It is very favorable and has excellent nutritional value for everyone. So, sip away!

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