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Johnny Drille, a Nigerian singer and songwriter, has rapidly ascended the ranks of musical stardom with his soulful voice and enchanting melodies. From the tender beginnings in the church to being signed by the prestigious Mavin Records, his journey is a testament to dreams coming true. In this article, we will explore Johnny Drille’s career, his personal life, and his impact on the Nigerian music scene.

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

Childhood and Family Background

Johnny Drille, whose real name is John Ighodaro, was born on July 5, 1990, in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Raised in an evangelical Christian household by Pastor and Mrs. John Ighodaro along with four siblings, his early life was imbued with Christian values; his initial exposure to music came through church hymns and gospel music.

Finding His Calling

Despite the restrictions on secular music, young Johnny Drille’s passion for music only grew. He was an integral part of the church band and began nurturing his talent. After facing some challenges in gaining admission to a university, he eventually studied English and Literary Studies at the University of Benin, all while continuing his musical pursuits.

Path to Stardom

The Pivotal Moment

Johnny Drille’s career took a turn for the better when he released a cover of Di’Ja’s “Awww.” His soulful rendition caught the attention of the renowned Don Jazzy, the CEO of Mavin Records. Johnny Drille’s first official single, “Wait for Me,” was released in 2015. Its heartfelt lyrics and enchanting melody struck a chord with listeners far and wide. It earned him a nomination for Best Alternative Song at The Headies 2016, marking the beginning of his rapid ascent.

Signing with Mavin Records

In February 2017, Johnny Drille signed a record deal with Mavin Records. This opened doors to new opportunities, allowing him to expand his artistic horizons and reach a wider audience with his soulful music.

“Before We Fall Asleep”: A Masterpiece

On September 3, 2021, Johnny Drille unveiled his debut album, “Before We Fall Asleep.” The album, comprising fourteen tracks, showcased his unique musical style. With collaborations with esteemed Nigerian artists like Ayra Starr, Ladipoe, Lagos community choir, Don Jazzy, and more, Johnny Drille showed his versatility in music.

Personal Life

Marriage to Rima Tahini

Recently, Johnny Drille made headlines with the announcement of his marriage to Rima Tahini, Director of Artist and Repertoire (A&R) for Mavin Global. The couple kept their marriage a secret for about a year before making it public through social media and Johnny Drille’s music video for “The Best Part.”

Rima Tahini: A Brief Introduction

Rima Tahini was born in Sierra Leone to Lebanese parents and Sierra Leonean mother and is fast emerging as one of Sierra Leone’s rising musical talent. She holds a Bachelor’s in Business from Brandeis University, is active within music itself, and belongs to Grammy Recording Academy as well.

Johnny Drille’s Net Worth and Impact

Johnny Drille’s net worth is a result of his multifaceted career. His primary source of income comes from music releases, performances, and live concerts. Additionally, endorsements and merchandise sales contribute to his earnings.

Legacy and Influence

Johnny Drille’s music resonates with passion and authenticity. His captivating voice and the ability to evoke emotions through his songs have made him a beloved figure in the music industry.


From his humble beginnings in the church to his rise to stardom under Mavin Records, Johnny Drille’s journey is an inspiration. His dedication, talent, and relentless pursuit of his passion have carved a niche for him in the hearts of music lovers across the world. His album “Before We Fall Asleep” and his numerous singles will be cherished by fans for years to come. As Johnny Drille continues to serenade the world with his melodious voice, he stands as a testament to the transformative power of dreams and the enduring impact of heartfelt music.

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