Is Lisa Hochstein Boyfriend? Know All the Details Here!

Lisa Hochstein, a star of The Real Housewives of Miami, and her boyfriend, Jody Glidden, are officially a couple, as confirmed by their recent Instagram posts. This announcement stirred the curiosity of fans eager for more details about their blossoming romance.

Lisa Hochstein: Public Announcement of Love

Lisa Hochstein and her boyfriend Jody Glidden took their relationship public on Instagram. Sharing an affectionate photo of the pair on July 23, Lisa captioned the image, “My love,” signaling her happiness about their relationship. Lisa confirmed her relationship with Jody earlier in February 2023 and has expressed gratitude for his unwavering support.

Support From Co-Stars

Lisa’s fellow stars on The Real Housewives of Miami, including Adriana de Moura and Dr. Nicole Martin, were quick to offer their support to the new couple, adding their own congratulations and well-wishes in the comments section of the post. Marysol Patton, another co-star, showed her excitement by exclaiming, “I TOLD YOU!!!!”

Who is Jody Glidden?

Lisa Hochstein and Jody Glidden have recently become romantically involved. Jody, as co-founder and CEO of Introhive, is well-known in the software industry; not only as an accomplished businessperson but also a devoted boyfriend and parent to his three children. Both Jody and Lisa have shared details about their relationship on social media with fans of each displaying mutual affection and support for one another.

Lisa Hochstein: A Versatile Personality

Lisa Hochstein is an award-winning Canadian-American actress, model, and reality TV star who first achieved prominence through her appearances on The Real Housewives of Miami from 2011 to 2013. After her marriage to plastic surgeon, Dr. Lenny Hochstein ended, Lisa found love again with Jody Glidden, and the couple announced their relationship on Instagram in July 2023.

Lisa’s Influence and Activism

Lisa is not solely known for her entertainment work; she is an advocate for animal welfare, environmental preservation and women’s empowerment issues. Lisa’s deep commitment to activism and philanthropy cements her status as an influential figure across multiple fields.

Divorce Saga Continues: Lisa Accuses Lenny of Evicting her Mother

Amid the celebration of new love, Lisa’s bitter separation from her ex-husband, Lenny Hochstein, continues to cause upheaval. A recent incident involving Lisa’s mother further complicated their contentious divorce. Lisa accused Lenny of throwing her mother out of the house, causing additional distress to the family.

The Incident: Allegations and Defense

The incident occurred when Lisa’s mother and aunt, who were babysitting the children during Lisa’s vacation with Jody, had a confrontation with Lenny and his new partner, Katharina Mazepa. Lisa’s mother’s comments about Katharina’s clothing choices led to an escalated argument that eventually resulted in the eviction of Lisa’s mother and aunt.

While Lisa expressed her disappointment over the situation on Instagram, Lenny defended his actions by stating that he agreed to Lisa’s family staying at the house as long as they were respectful. The matter is now a part of their already tumultuous divorce proceedings.

Lisa and Jody appear hopeful about finding peace together despite their ongoing challenges, with fans anticipating more episodes of The Real Housewives of Miami featuring them and their journey.

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