Is Penguin Bloom Based On A Real Story?

Penguin Bloom is available on Netflix. If you are curious and want to know if Penguin Bloom is based on a true story, read on! Penguin Bloom is a family drama about a family caring for an injured magpie chick. Samantha, aka Sam, and Cameron are the parents of three children.

During a family trip to Thailand, Sam suffers a serious injury that leaves his chest paralyzed. Unable to cope with his situation, Sam finds a new purpose in life when Penguin, the Magpie, becomes a member of the Bloom family. Wondering if the script for Penguin Bloom is based on a true story? We tell you everything.

Is Penguin Bloom Based On A Real Story?

Yes, Penguin Bloom is based on a true story of a royal family. In early 2013, a tragedy struck the Bloom family while Sam, Cameron, and their three children were on vacation. Sam fell from a two-story balcony, causing near-fatal injuries. He was surprised to learn that he would never walk again. Watching other people do what she couldn’t do began to affect Sam’s mental health. She found it painful to be homebound and not able to do the things she likes.

Everything changed the day Noah saved an injured magpie, which they named Penguin. The presence of that bird made a big difference to Sam and his family. She talked to Penguin and enjoyed his company. Cameron believes Penguin helped Sam’s mental recovery, prompting her to get back to exercising. Cameron is a photographer and has captured many heartwarming moments in the relationship between Penguin and his family.

To ensure Penguin Bloom remains true to the family trajectory, Sam and Cameron have signed on as executive producers. Sam used to write her thoughts and feelings on her phone, which she shared with Naomi Watts. This allowed the actress to understand what Sam was going through at the time. Naomi Watts also spent a lot of time trying to better understand Sam’s movements and how he performs his daily activities. Watts wanted to accurately capture the physical nature of the paralysis.

Penguin Bloom was filmed at the family’s royal home in Newport, New South Wales. To get into the details, the actors wore clothing and jewelry that belonged to the Blooms. After the accident, the whole experience was an important learning for Sam, but he took care that the film did not have a happy ending. He stressed that living with a disability is still difficult and that she “will never really accept it.”

Penguin Bloom True Story

The movie doesn’t deviate much from real-life events. It includes accurate accounts of Penguin’s antics and even her surprise visit to her family on Rueben’s birthday. As the movie shows, Sam has worked hard to rehabilitate her. She then represented Australia at the 2015 Paracanoe World Championships in Milan. The last time the family saw Ping├╝ino was the day before Cameron and the children left for Milan.

Working with the birds in the film was an experience in itself. Eight different magpies would have been used to represent Penguin. Plus some tricks with computer graphics and an animatronic bird. Most of the birds used in the film were brought over from the Northern Territory or South Australia after filling out a lot of paperwork. The actors often had to improvise their scene based on what the bird was doing.

The director of the film, Glendyn Ivin, considered that a central theme of the film is generosity. He noticed it in Sam’s relationship with Penguin, as well as Cameron’s relationship with Sam. The power of giving and healing go hand in hand. And that’s what she felt like the essence of why Penguin made such a difference in Sam’s life. Having to take care of another living being gave Sam a new meaning to his life.

Penguin Bloom is a good example of how the life of the family revolved around the bird. Some nights they feared that Penguin would not live long enough to see the light of day. They did everything they could for her, including looking for magpies and feeding her as a mother bird would. After all, it takes a lot of dedication to keep a young bird alive!

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