Is Peter Dutton Married? Get All the Details You Need Here!

Who is Peter Dutton?

Born on November 18, 1970, in Brisbane, Peter Dutton is a prominent Australian politician. He currently serves as the leader of the Opposition and the esteemed leader within the Liberal Party of Australia, a position he assumed in May 2022. Dutton has played an instrumental role in numerous Australian governments since his career began as a police officer for almost 10 years with Queensland Police in Queensland, before venturing into business ownership with co-running a construction firm with his father.

Is Peter Dutton Married?

Yes, Peter Dutton is happily married to Kirilly Dutton. Their love story began in the world of politics and blossomed into a union sealed in a picturesque Italian wedding in July 2003. Kirilly, an industrious individual, had initially dedicated most of her time as the personal assistant of Sarina Russo before embarking on this personal journey with Peter.

Peter Dutton First Wife: Who Was She?

Peter Dutton’s first marriage, in 1992, remains shrouded in mystery. The union was notably short-lived, lasting just a few months when Dutton was 22 and still a police officer. Details about this relationship, including his first wife’s identity, are scarce, and the reasons for their separation remain undisclosed.

Who are Peter Dutton’s Kids?

Peter Dutton is a doting father to three children. His first child, Rebecca, born in 2002, is from a previous relationship. He often speaks of her with immense pride and affection. With his wife Kirilly, he has two sons, Harry and Tom. Despite his political commitments, Dutton ensures that family remains a priority. When he’s not on duty, Dutton, with Kirilly’s support, centers his attention on their children.

Where Does Peter Dutton Live?

While exact details of Peter Dutton’s current residence are private, some glimpses into his lifestyle reveal a comfortable life. Dutton, with his wife Kirilly, has invested in a significant property portfolio. This includes various properties, notably a shopping center in Townsville. The couple previously owned a holiday home on the Gold Coast, indicating their penchant for prime real estate.

Peter Dutton’s Wife: Who is Kirilly Dutton?

Kirilly Dutton, formerly Kirilly Brumby, is more than just the wife of the opposition leader. Introduced to Peter by a mutual friend connected to the world of politics, Kirilly’s life before Peter was just as industrious. She worked as the personal assistant to Sarina Russo, founder of one of Australia’s largest private sector employment providers. Beyond her professional realm, Kirilly stands as a dedicated mother to their two sons and an accepting stepmother to Rebecca, Peter’s daughter from a prior relationship.

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