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Living In This Big Blue World – Finding Nemo!

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What do we expect when watching the movie? A hero, a villain, and a story of love, tragedy and struggle in which the hero comes out of every obstacle he creates.

But there are movies where we haven’t seen actual characters, rather we find cartoon characters. In modern terminology, these movies are called anime. This article is about the great anime movie released in 2003 and its beautiful song “Living In This Big Blue World”. The song is loved all over the world and is very popular with children.

Where is Nemo

As mentioned before, some anime movies are loved more than real character movies; One of them is finding Nemo. It was released in 2003 by Walt Disney Pictures and produced by Pixar Animation Studios. The film is about the underwater world. Well, we’re not going to tell you the whole story and ruin your fun. But the main character named Nemo is a clown, now let’s move on to the song we’re talking about.

Living In This Big Blue World

As we said, Nemo is a fish and he lives with his father Marlin. It will be fun that young Nemo also goes to school just like little kids and then this song comes into action. On their first day to school, both Nemo and his father Marlin sing together. Nemo is excited to visit his school and make new friends. Nemo enjoys all the beauty of the scenery around him, and Marlin fears he may lose Nemo in an accident. Despite this, they both sing “Living In This Big Blue World”.

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