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X3fov Info Scam What is X3fov Info scam?

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US residents receive a message with a link asking them to take a specific action to help them complete an online transaction or win a purchase prize. X3fov Info Scam will go into this link in detail and try to determine the nature of this scam.

Spammers are active all over the world and target online customers of famous brands such as Walmart, Amazon, Google. They take the name of this big brand as most people recognize it easily.

What is X3fov.info?

According to islegitsite.com and scamdoc.com, this is an internet portal created four days ago and looks fraudulent. When we tried to access this site, we couldn’t open it because the browser didn’t launch it on the server.

The X3fov Info scam has become a cause of concern for people living in America and performing online activities such as digital shopping or browsing the Internet. This website does not use an https connection, nor does it have a high Alexa ranking.

Scamdoc.com gave it a trust score of 1%, which is too low for a customer to trust the site; he also defined it as the domain of short life. These things make this site too suspicious and people should be vigilant when dealing with a link sent from this portal.

What is X3fov Info scam?

In two to three days, people receive a text message link to their electronic device related to their Internet activity. Some people get a message that they have received a reward for their purchase at Walmart and should click on the code in the link to take advantage of these rewards.

When people click on the code, they are transferred to a domain that is not affiliated with Walmart in any way, and the customer is prompted for financial and personal details. People also receive a link message from a ten digit mobile number asking them to click on the link.

Many people got the message that they received an online retail delivery that they never bought.

What are X3fov info scam reviews?

Since people started receiving this message in the last two or three days, few scam reviews for this message are available. A site such as scamdoc.com and islegitsite.com has attempted to include information related to this domain and both are pessimistic about this site.

The Scamdoc.com website has the last six comments from customers and all of them give negative comments about this fake link message. The trust index for this site is very low for customers to believe anything on this site.

Final Verdict:

This scam is also similar to many previous news scams in which scammers try to cheat people with credible brands such as Walmart, Google and Amazon. X3fov Info Scam uses all media such as mobile phone and website to send messages to customers to obtain their personal and financial information.

People should try to avoid this message and inform the company concerned promptly. If someone received this suspicious email with a link, post about it in the comments section below.

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