Is Rod Mackey Leaving Channel 9? Know All the Details Here!

After a remarkable 23-year journey with Channel 9, renowned Sports Director Rod Mackey bids farewell, leaving an indelible mark on the network and the sports broadcasting community in Denver, Colorado.

A Heartfelt Farewell to 9NEWS

On Thursday, in a poignant on-air moment, Mackey, a Colorado native, announced his departure from 9NEWS. Joining Kim Christiansen on set, the celebrated Sports Director expressed profound gratitude to his colleagues, players, and coaches who made his journey an incredibly enriching one. “My time here was tremendous,” Mackey shared, his voice filled with emotion. “All the coaches, the players, all the people I worked with, everyone back in the sports department — it’s really been a fun ride.”

The Legacy of Rod Mackey

Mackey’s departure signifies the end of an era at 9NEWS, but his legacy continues. Having covered everything from thrilling Super Bowls to exhilarating championship parades, Mackey’s contribution to the station and the local sports scene has been vast and influential.

Who is Rod Mackey?

Rod Mackey is an esteemed sports journalist known for his dedicated service as the Sports Director at 9NEWS. Mackey hails from Colorado and his knowledge of sports has made him popular across the state. Over his 20-year career spanning professional leagues like NFL, NBA and MLB to college athletics and local events.

Mackey has made his mark as a respected professional through his engaging on-air presence, engaging personality, and unique interviewing style – qualities which make him popular with both fans and athletes.
His achievements extend beyond 9NEWS, with numerous Emmy Awards adorning his trophy cabinet. Off-camera, Mackey is also lauded for his philanthropic efforts, championing numerous charitable causes in his local community.

Celebrating a Distinguished Career

Rod Mackey is renowned for his incredible talent, passion and dedication in broadcasting sports news for 9NEWS since October 2000. Since that time, his reputation as an authoritative voice in sports journalism has only grown over time.

Rod’s Multi-Platform Success

In addition to his on-air contributions, Mackey has successfully leveraged digital platforms to extend his reach. His dynamic presence on social media enabled him to interact with fans in real-time, share updates, and provide additional sports commentary — solidifying his status as a versatile and innovative sports journalist.

Accolades and Contributions

Rod’s commitment to delivering balanced, comprehensive sports news did not go unnoticed. Multiple Emmy Awards highlight his career achievements, recognizing his exceptional contribution to sports journalism. However, his impact extends beyond broadcasting, with Mackey actively supporting local community initiatives and charities.

In conclusion, Rod Mackey’s departure from 9NEWS may mark the end of an era, but his influence on sports broadcasting in Denver, Colorado, and his legacy at 9NEWS, will undoubtedly continue to resonate for years to come.

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