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Kimberly Jo Medlin, born in December 1970, embodied the essence of youth and ambition. Born and raised in Michigan, Kim developed a deep love of horseback riding as she dreamt of owning her own farm one day. While working a cocktail waitress job at men’s club while also maintaining another part-time gig for support.
The people around her appreciated her effervescence and unfading smile. After marrying Bridger Medlin, she moved to a farm in Monroe, North Carolina.

The Tragic End

On March 28, 1997, Kim experienced an unexpected turn in her life while returning from working a nightshift shift at her new job in Charlotte. Bridger had kept in contact via cell phone throughout his travels but this connection suddenly ended around 4 AM of March 29 1997.

Later that same day, a passerby reported an abandoned vehicle found to belong to Kim near a roadside, while most of her belongings – such as herself and driver’s license – still remained inside it. Both items had gone untraceable from its location.
One day later, Kim’s lifeless body was discovered at the end of a cul-de-sac showing signs of physical assault, strangulation and fractured neck.

A Dark Hunt: Identifying the Killer

After the gruesome discovery, the police embarked on an intense investigation to identify Kim’s killer. All leads were explored, including the suspicion of law enforcement involvement due to Kim’s missing license.

The Clue in the Shoeprint

A shoeprint found on Kim’s sweatshirt led to a crucial lead. The print was consistent with the type of shoes worn by police officers, narrowing the search to a select group. The investigation eventually identified three suspects, among which Josh Griffin had a shaky alibi.

Deepening Suspicions: Josh Griffin’s Shaky Alibi

As investigators delved into Griffin’s movements, several red flags emerged. Griffin had been off-duty but still patrolling in his vehicle, and he had even reported an accident around the same time as Kim’s disappearance. Despite his firm denial of any involvement in the murder, his behavior appeared suspicious.

Curious Actions Raise Eyebrows

Adding to the suspicion, Griffin’s work shoes were found discarded due to supposed damage from battery acid. Moreover, his usually messy car was suspiciously clean when seized by the police.

The Unveiling of the Truth

As the investigation progressed, a terrifying pattern began to emerge. Griffin, it was revealed, had a history of stalking women and using his position in the police to manipulate them.

A Pattern of Stalking and Violence

It was suspected that Griffin had been stalking Kim for months before their fateful encounter. The prosecution painted a horrific picture: Kim had rejected his advances, triggering Griffin’s violent rage. It was alleged that Griffin had attacked her with a flashlight, strangled her, and committed unthinkable acts.

Justice Served: Josh Griffin’s Arrest and Conviction

Josh Griffin was found guilty in February 1998 for first-degree murder and kidnapping charges; as such he received an irreversible life sentence without the option for parole.

The Aftermath: Griffin’s Imprisonment

Josh Griffin is currently serving his sentence at Pamlico Correctional Institute in North Carolina after finally admitting his responsibility and admitting his actions, starting back in 2005.
This shocking case serves as an alarming reminder of the shadowy sides that may lurk within even our most trusted institutions, emphasizing the significance of constant vigilance and accountability.

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