Is Sloane Stephens Married? Discover Everything You Need to Know Here!

Who is Sloane Stephens?

Sloane Stephens has become one of the biggest names in women’s tennis, leaving an indelible mark upon her sport. Born March 20 1993 in Plantation, Florida she turned professional in 2009 but it was not until her iconic win against Serena Williams at the 2013 Australian Open that propelled her into global stardom and led to winning her first Grand Slam at US Open 2017 (she later also claimed victory at Wimbledon 2017). Daughter of Sybil Smith, a remarkable swimmer, and John Stephens, a professional football player, Sloane’s athletic lineage is undeniable. With significant endorsements from brands like Nike and Rolex, Sloane isn’t just a tennis star; she’s also a philanthropist who runs the Sloane Stephens Foundation to give back to society.

Is Sloane Stephens Married?

Yes, Sloane Stephens is blissfully married to American soccer player Jozy Altidore. On New Year’s Day 2022, this couple was united in marriage at an extravagant ceremony held at St. Regis Bal Harbour in Miami Beach, Florida. First meeting each other in middle school and renewing their romance in 2016, these two wed in an elaborate wedding at this luxurious establishment. Their love story is underscored by their understanding of each other’s professional commitments and their mutual respect and support. Together, they are also active in philanthropy, focusing particularly on education and soccer programs in Haiti.

How Old is Sloane Stephens?

Sloane Stephens was born March 20th 1993 and currently stands at 30 years old. She first made headlines during her early twenties when she rose to prominence, including winning Grand Slam events such as Wimbledon in 2017 and earning a career-best world ranking of No. 3. Today she remains one of the premier tennis athletes on tour and should remain one to keep an eye on.

What is Sloane Stephens’ Height?

Sloane Stephens stands at 1.7 meters, or roughly 5 feet 7 inches tall. This height is fairly typical among female professional tennis players, offering a balanced combination of agility and power. Stephens uses her physicality effectively to cover the court, track down shots, and deliver powerful groundstrokes, making her a formidable competitor.

Who is Sloane Stephens’ Husband?

Sloane Stephens is married to Jozy Altidore, an esteemed American soccer player. They first met while attending middle school together in Boca Raton, Florida.
Their relationship matured over the years, leading to their engagement in April 2019 and wedding in January 2022. The couple has been highly supportive of each other’s sports careers, and their partnership is considered one of the sports world’s most endearing love stories.

What is Sloane Stephens’ Net Worth?

Sloane Stephens reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of around $20 Million, earned through tournament wins and lucrative sponsorship agreements with Nike, Head, Mercedes-Benz, Rolex and Under Armour brands. She most notably won the 2017 US Open despite suffering a substantial drop in ranking just prior to entering. Her monumental victory stands as evidence of both skill and resilience despite facing low ranking entering tournament.

Who is in Sloane Stephens’ Family?

Sloane Stephens comes from an athletic family that has significantly influenced her career. Sybil Smith made history when she became the first African-American female swimmer in Division I swimming to receive First Team All-American status; while John Stephens, her father, was an experienced professional American footballer. Sloane also has a sibling named Shawn Farrell, who maintains a low profile but is an integral part of her tight-knit family.

This comprehensive look into the life of Sloane Stephens reveals not just a stellar athlete but also a remarkable woman whose influence stretches beyond the tennis court.

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