Is VR the Future of Gambling in the UK?

One of the primary characteristics of the internet is constant change. As a result, everything with an online presence is susceptible to change and evolution. The gambling industry is no different. Every time a new piece of technology rolls out, the iGaming industry is among the first to embrace it, as per UK Casino Gambler.

Take crypto casinos, for example. Bitcoin, the father of all cryptocurrencies, first reached serious monetary value in 2010/2011. If you look into the history of crypto online casinos, you’ll see that they started launching mainly in 2012/2013, but that’s not to say that there weren’t any before then, either.

Since the beginning of iGaming, players have complained that online casinos don’t feel the same as land-based casinos. To alleviate some pressure, developers experimented with live dealer games and succeeded. But they still failed to replace land-based gambling.

With virtual reality on the rise and tech giants competing to bring the prices down for the masses, many experts predict that VR might be the future of online gambling.

Optimism for the future

The CCO of QTech Games, Danial Long, is optimistic that brick-and-mortar casinos are losing their charm to average players simply because they don’t offer any incentive for visitors. He also believes that only those who can maintain a high-quality gaming experience will survive.

His claims are supported by post-covid data from prominent Asian countries like Japan and Thailand. After months of lockdown and physical distancing, people started going back to land-based casinos in these countries.

Interestingly though, all of these establishments are integrated with resorts or hotels where visitors can enjoy other activities besides gambling.

Will the land-based casino industry stand the test of time? 

On the other end of the spectrum, the CEO of believes the land-based industry is not going anywhere. The man in question, Earle G. Hall, also happens to be the chairman of the International Gaming Standards Association. His belief is also backed by data that shows there are thousands of land-based casinos with millions of loyal players.

Another reason you may want to listen to Mr. Hall is the current status of VR technology. The headsets are still bulky, and players need high-end equipment to enjoy the full potential of virtual reality. Land-based casinos will remain relevant unless the technology becomes more affordable and convenient.

And when VR gambling finally takes off, it’s safe to assume that table games will be the first ones in line.

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