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Jody Ledgerwood Details of Jody Ledgerwood Jody Ledgerwood’s HTML2

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In this article, Jody Ledgerwood,we discuss the freedom march that was held in Vancouver. We would love it to have you read our report.

Are you aware of whom Ledgerwood is? What is the reason for Ledgerwood being talked about in the media? What was the rally she attended? What is her occupation? Are you interested to learn more? Check out the article.

Jody is a real estate agent , or a realtor. She is from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She attended a rally at New Years’ eve while everyone was inside their homes. The rally was called “Hugs over Masks.’ After the incident, Jody Ledgerwood was asked to resign from her post.

Information Concerning The Incident

On New Year’s Eve The gathering called “Hugs over Masks’ was held. While the other residents of Cobourg were observing a dull night, Jody attended a partyand rallies held in Cobourg, Vancouver. The event was dubbed NYE Freedom Dance Party (Rally). The party ran from 8 pm to 12:30 midnight. The dance party/ rally was held in front of at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

There were no masks worn at the event. The event was an anti-lockdown, anti-Covid rule of thumb regarding gatherings, Ledgerwood stated. Jody was seen screaming at the camera in a video and many people were gathered around her.

Details of Jody Ledgerwood Jody Ledgerwood’s HTML2

Jody is from the city of Cobourg, Canada. She is an agent in real estate. Ledgerwood holds greater than 10 years experience in the real estate industry. She was the president of the Northumberland Association of Realtors. In addition, Jody was former Director of Northumberland Players.

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Following the NYE rally following the NYE rally incident, after the NYE rally incident, Northumberland Association of Realtors directed Jody to quit her post. Jody was told to resign. Association did not offer her one opportunity to prove herself. They refused to give her an explanation or explanation, and the Association advised her to quit.

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Following the incident at the party was over, she faced lots of hate. Jody Ledgerwood received a scathing backlash from those on social media and from people in her circle.

Other Information

Jody always adhered to and followed the instructions on Covid-19 given up by the Association. The professional she is and she understands the significance of Covid-19. Based on the discussions that she participated in the rally, it was an affair that was personal to her. It had nothing to do with her professional life. relate to her professional life.

The story was discovered when she shared videos from the freedom party through her Facebook and Twitter accounts. Numerous media organizations approached her to conduct interviews. She declined, because her personal life counts as a subject that should be made public according to Jody Ledgerwood.

Additionally The Northumberland Association of Realtors also chose not to make explicit statements. The officials of the Association did not participate in interviews. The only statement they made stated that the officials would conduct themselves with the highest regard for members of the Association as well as its membership.


It was a private affair, and it adversely affected her professional career. People often have differing opinions both as individuals and professionals. In conclusion, all deserves the right to explain their opinion.

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If you’d like to know more details regarding Jody as well as her current professional status Click here.

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