Who are the K’s?

Indie is having a revival in the UK and they are many bands bursting onto the scene. However, one of those bands are a small band with big ambitions from Earlestown in the North West of England. They are taking the independent music scene by a storm and they are quickly becoming one of the ones to watch. Before you know it new customer betting offers will be available for this band to win a Brit Award! However, who are they?

Band members

The four piece rock and roll band are a likeable cheeky chappy crew with an infectious attitude. The band comprises of Jordan Holden on the drums, Dexter Baker on the bass, Ryan Breslin on guitar and Jamie Boyle as the lead front man who also plays guitar.

With Boyle and Baker friends from school, they knew that they were on to something and when Breslin joined up they were nearly there. Holden appeared for his audition and stunned the rest of the lads. The K’s were born.

The lads have started off in quiet beginnings and have embodied aspects of society at the moment with their songs about growing up in a small town in forgotten North West England. They are proving to be an inspiration to many people of the younger generation.

The movement

Music can evoke many different emotions and the indie/ rock & roll genre is one that evokes a movement. The Ks have sold out gigs across the country already and the energy they bring to each gig is electric. In their first ever gig in Manchester they brought down the ceiling because the fans were so excited to see them.

There may have been some karma for the band when (for the 2nd time) they played Blackpool and the gig was unable to take place because the band before brought the ceiling down. However, it did not stop the lads as they took to the local pub opposite the way and put on an impromptu gig for the travelling fans. Nothing stops The K’s.

Since then, there have been appearances at larger venues, festivals including Neighbourhood and the up and coming Leeds & Reading festivals. They will also be supporting legends of music James.

Fans are certainly hearing more and more about them and are willing to travel the breadth of the country to see them. Having featured on Radio X and Radio XS, they are known with the


One amazing thing about The K’s is that they do not even have an album out yet! The band do not want to rush it and there is no hurry yet…for them! With just eight songs released, fans are just constantly wanting more from them.

Their most streamed song from 2017 is Sarajevo which has over 3 million hits was their first song and potentially the most popular one when it is played at gigs. With its punchy chorus and beat throughout, it is one that certainly goes off at gigs.

Keep an eye out for The K’s.

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