John Tyler Grandson Still Alive A Mystery About John Tyler’s Grandson

Are you familiar with John Tyler’s name? Yes, you do. We won’t lie to you. John Tyler, who was born in 1790, was the previous president (10th) for the United States. It’s amazing to find out that someone born in 18th century is still living in 21st-century America.

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A Mystery About John Tyler’s Grandson

Lyon G. Tyler had six kids, including Harrison Ruffin Tyler who was born in 1928. He’s John Tyler’s grandchild, and he’s still living in 2022. He also had a younger brother, who recently died at 95 in 2020.

John Tyler was a 1790-born man. He died in 1862 after fulfilling his duties as president between 1841-1845. He was a father to many children through his two wives. Lyon was one his sons and was born 1853.

Who’s John Tyler Grandchildren HTML3_?

John Tyler had many children. He had eight with his first wife and seven with his second. With his second wife, he had a son named Lyon Gardiner Tyler.

Lyon was blessed with six children. Tyler Jr. lived to the 21st century. Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr., who was 95 years old, died in 2020. Harrison is still here.

Harrison is a chemist, preservationist, and businessman. He is known today as the John Tyler Grandson still Alive.

John Tyler

John Tyler was born to in 1790. In 1841, he was elected 10th Vice President of America. After the sudden passing of William Henry Harrison, Tyler was elevated to President of the U.S.

He was a firm and unwavering advocate of state rights, including slavery. He also reached a number of important foreign-policy milestones including the Treaty of Wanghia, which was signed with Qing China, and the Webster-Ashburton Treaty between the United Kingdom and China.

John Tyler is becoming more popular today because of the long life of his grandson. Harrison R. Tyler is the John Tyler Grandson still Alive.


Today’s article focuses on John Tyler’s only grandson, who is still alive. We also provided information to our readers on John Tyler’s personal and professional lives. We hope you found as much information about John Tyler as possible.

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