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Do you want to know the truth behind Jordana Neely’s death? What is the full story behind Deadman in The F-Train? Daniel Penny, a former Marine, is accused of killing a homeless Jordan Neely. This is a racist act against a homeless black man, since the attacker and victim are not personally vengeful.

Daniel Penny, the man behind the video, was arrested and charged on 12 May with multiple criminal charges. The Jordan Neely Killing Video is being sought by people around the world to see the event.


Crime scene report

Jordan and Daniel were travelling through the F train on 1 May, 2023. Daniel was traveling to his Manhattan gym via Train when he met Neely. Daniel was on his way to Manhattan via Train when he met Neely. He decided to stop Neely from doing this.

Daniel didn’t reveal the information, as he stated in the interview that an investigation was underway. Further reports can be found from the police officers. People are searching for his interview and the video where he choked Neely.

Jordan Neely Record

People were curious to know if Jordan Neely was facing any charges after hearing about his mental illness and offensive behavior. Jordan Neely has been arrested 42 other times on charges of public offenses and local laws violations.

Between 2013 and 2021 he was charged with many crimes, including invading private property, violating privacy, walking around the city in an open bottle of alcohol, and breaking into random people’s homes. His arrest and charges are all minor. He also suffers from mental illnesses due to homelessness and poverty. He had an arrest warrant in place for 2021, but it was not related to the assault charge.

Jordan Neely Subway

Jordan Neely can be seen on the Subway a lot, often throwing things at people and engaging in inappropriate behavior. Many people move away from him, thinking he has a mental disorder. Others find it offensive and call the police.

On 1 May, he was on a Subway ride with an ex-Marine officer Penny. It wasn’t going to be a disaster or a situation that would end his life. Penny chokeholds Neely, three men are pinned down in the train and Penny is choking him until he stops breathing. Many people consider it racist and offensive, and demand justice for Neely. People are also offended at the rapid release of Penny’s bail.

Jordan Neely Gofundme

Carolyn Neely is the relative of Jordan Neely. She organized a Gofundme site where he describes his death on the Subway. Jordan’s uncle praises him in the description as a talented performer; however, he did not show his support while Jordan was alive.

Jordan Neely wiki

Full nameJordan Neely
FamilyMother : Christie Neely
Date and place of birthUnknown
Date and place of death1 May 2020
RelativesUncle: Carolyn Neely

Final Verdict

Jordan Neely, an ex-marine Daniel Neely and his two subordinates, were killed in the Train. Social media and other platforms are circulating the video. The video is being demanded, as well as justice for the deceased. Daniel has been released on bail and a further investigation is being conducted.

Do you believe Daniel killed Jordan because of racism? Comment below.

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