Juan Luis Lagunas Death Video :- Final summary

This Juan Luis Lagunas’ Death Video article examines the most recent news about this video. You can find all the details about the incident here.

Are you a social media lover? A Juan Luis Lagunas video has gone viral. He is now dead, but his video from before his death is becoming viral on the social media platform.

People from the United States want to see his last video. Is Juan Luis Lagunas’ Death Video accessible on any social media platform? Let’s take a look below.

Death video by Juan Luis Lagunas

Juan Luis Lagunas was mysteriously murdered on December 18, 2017. His new party was also announced at Menta-2 Cantaros bar. A group of men shot him with fifteen bullets. This viral video is now on the internet. The exact link is not yet available.

His followers called him ‘El Pirata de Culiacan,’ a well-known vlogger. His video content shows his life with alcohol, fame, and inappropriate drugs. All of this was broadcast on his YouTube channel.

Why is Juan Luis Famous

Juan Luis made his living by telecasting his daily activities. These were highly inappropriate. His large number of followers meant that he was regularly invited to social events by his network. He was a frequent attendee at concerts for music groups and live singers.

Juan Luis Lagunas – How did he die?

He broadcast his last video to Instagram before he went live. At 11:20 pm, the party had started and there were plenty of drinks. Four armed men approached Juan and shot him with fifteen bullets.

Juan attempted to hide from the armed men at the address, but was pulled and held captive.

The truth behind this murder

Juan Luis bravely challenged the Mexican trafficker in Mexico in one of his viral videos. The name of this person was Nemesio Olguera, also known under the nickname El Mencho. The leader of the criminal group. Juan intentionally shielded El Mencho, exiling the powerful seat.

Users are currently making it Viral on Twitter. Juan may have been killed by this video.

Additional Information Obituary

Juan Luis Lagunas’ obituary is not available. His death was unexpected, and his followers mourned it on social networking sites .

Juan Luis Lagunas Family

Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales’ character El Pirata de Culiacan is well-known to his followers. He was only 17 years old when he gained popularity for his video of partying, and his crooked lifestyle. He did not mention his parents.

He once claimed that his parents had abandoned him and his brothers. After so many years, his search engine for Reddit has returned him to the site.

Juan Luis is married to

No. He never spoke of his girlfriend or their marriage.

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Juan Luis Lagunas , a well-known vlogger, was killed by 15 bullets on 18 December 2017.

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