Keep Your Pool Clean and Healthy by Using UV Cleaner

If you have a swimming pool in your yard, then you have to think about proper pool sanitation and maintenance too. You must keep your pool clean and no harmful bacteria should be present in water. This will ensure that your pool water will remain healthy, which is good for you and also your family. 

The chemicals that are used for cleaning swimming pools are sometimes very toxic and can have harmful side effects too. Therefore, by using UV pools you can maintain proper sanitation of the pool water. UV can clean the pool much more effectively when compared to chlorine, and also cut down your annual expense on pool maintenance. Thus, you can enjoy a healthy pool throughout the year. 

How UV water sanitation can maintain a healthy pool

The use of ultraviolet light to sanitise pool water has changed the way pool cleaning systems operate. It leverages the water circulation in the pool to start a cleaning process that lasts as long as the machine is turned on. The cleaning system is initiated as soon as water runs through the pressure switch.

A strong UV-C light cleans the water as it flows through the chamber of the unit, rapidly inactivating 99.9% of germs and microorganisms that are detrimental to human health. The procedure is effective and quick, and no by-products are produced due to disinfection.

The Ultra UV based swimming pool water treatment also simplifies pool care by dramatically reducing the amount of chlorine required to keep the pool healthy and clean. This means, you will spend less time managing dangerous chemicals and more time in the pool with your family, friends, and loved ones – or simply relaxing alone.

Can we use UV sanitation instead of a chlorinator?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. UV sanitation is a kind of add-on system for accompanying your residual chlorinator for perfect pool quality because of the following few reasons: 

  1. Because pool water only travels through the pipes once or twice a day, and the UV system can only treat water that passes through it, a residual sanitizer such as chlorine is required to destroy any bacteria or viruses present in the pool water. 

As a result, UV is an excellent complement to a chlorinator, as it kills any leftover germs and algae.

  1. While swimming, our bodies emit oils, fats, and other wastes that UV cleaner cannot remove, necessitating the use of a residual sanitiser.

You must also know that often red and sore eyes from swimming are caused by high chloramine levels present in the pool. Chloramines are also the by-product of chlorine reacting with certain waste brought into your swimming pool by bathers. When you will use any UV sanitiser then it means there will be no more red eyes.

If you would like to know a little more or would want to install a UV system, then you must try to find any local retailer. Alternatively, you can also go to the product page of a reliable UV pool cleaners to get more info. 

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