Kid Jumps Off Cruise Ship Full Video – All the Details You Need to Know!

This article exposes Kid jumps off cruise ship Full Video, the search efforts of the Coast Guard and more.

What is the kid doing? Who is this kid? What happened to this kid?

The teenage baseball star jumps from a cruise ship. The Coast Guard released a video of frantic search. To learn more about the search and teen boy, read Kid jumps off cruise ship full video article.

Who jumps from cruise ship?

A video shows a 18-year old boy Cameron Robbins. He is a graduate of Baton Rouge High School. He was swimming at night in the oceans near Athol Island last week. He was celebrating his success with peers on a cruise ship at sunset.

A representative from Louisiana State University confirmed on Wednesday, 31st May 2023 that Cameron Robbins had jumped off the Blackbeard’s Revenge-sunset cruise. Around 11:30 pm, the incident occurred.

A Kid Jumps from a Cruise Ship in 2023

Cameron Robbins, his team and the Blackbeard Revenge cruise departed from Athol Island in the Bahamas on May 24, 2023. The boys from the former high school baseball team decided to go for a swim at night.

Three days before Cameron Robbins’ tragic fate, the high schoolers at Louisiana’s University School graduated. Cameron Robbins jumped off a cruise ship at sunset in the middle the night. The USA Coast Guard spent days looking for Cameron Robbins. They suspended their search on Saturday, 27th May, after putting in more effort.

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Who is Cameron Robbins ?

Cameron is a 18-year-old boy. Recently, he graduated from University Lab School. The school is part of Louisiana University of Baton Rouge.

Robbins, according to the report was a baseballer in the school. Robbins, his friends and family were traveling to the Bahamas for graduation. The group stayed at the Atlantis Paradise Resort in Nassau. The group went on their own. The school didn’t sanction the event.

Kid Jumps Off Cruise Ship Reddit

Social media was flooded with the video of the Kid jumping from the cruise ship. Everyone was worried about this kid. Cameron Robbins, his friends and family celebrated their graduation on the evening of May 24, 2023. Cameron suddenly allegedly jumped from the Blackbeard Revenge Cruise.

Cameron’s jump into the sea was captured on video. The video showed a teen boy swimming in the sea during a sunset cruise. Cameron told people to hold onto the buoy in the video.

Coast Guard Search and Rescue

The kid was found on Twitter. Search efforts were compared with Shark Videos and and comments. The cruise ship halted for several hours in the same location to search for Robbins after the boy jumped. The US Coast Guard then called the rescue team to help with their search. After two days, they had searched 325 miles of o


Cameron Robbins, a high school graduate, disappeared after jumping off the Cruise ship. For more information about the incident and Kids jumping off the full video, click the YouTube link.

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