Large Bluetooth Speaker For Larger Party

If you want to boost your party mode with a high updating sound? You can do this with this high-quality Bluetooth speaker. A bundle of features is included in this quality speaker. Your mind is going to blow with this quality speaker.

 You’re going to get all the information related to a large Bluetooth speaker by soundcore. This bigger soundcore speaker will give you a bigger chill. These are the best mixture of different features that are added to this boating speaker.

In this article, we are going to talk about the specification of this large bluetooth speaker We will also talk about some of the features that are prominent in it. If you really want to enjoy all of its features or want to buy this you can check it from the link mentioned above.

Key Specifications

  • It gives an output of almost 30W
  • It contains bass-up features
  • It has 2x15w fully charged and high-rate drivers
  • 5.0 Bluetooth version
  • TWS multi speakers
  • Do not contain AUX
  •  10,000mAh battery 
  • Charge-out capacity is available
  • Type C charging
  • 13.62×5.83×7.87 inches
  • Overall weight almost 4.41 lbs

Epic Outdoor Sound

This 80W booming sound is going to give you the best real-life satisfaction. You are going to get real-time intensified bass that can be heard with soundcore property bass up. This high technology.

This is one of the best outdoor quality speakers that deliver epic sound because of its titanium drivers. These drivers make the bass even stronger and fully riched with beats according to music.

Lightweight And Ultra-Portable

You can take your music everywhere. You can start your party every when during trips, night parties, outdoor gatherings, weddings, and many many more places because it is so comfortable to carry. They are highly portable because of their lightweight and they also contain a built-in handle and detachable strap to make them even more comfortable

20 Hours Long Battery Life

Now get extended longer battery time of this high-quality booming party speaker. This smart speaker has a beat 1300,400 mAh battery that gives you the capacity of 20 hours longer life. This long battery life is going to save you from trouble. Make frequent charges to get instant playback music.

Water And Dust Resistant

These speakers had the best IP67 certification. You are never going to worry about the dust particles or rain or water splash. This speaker, lacks proof, is dust resistant, accidental spills prove, rainproof, and have a high protective coverage that makes it fully safe and secure. Now you can easily enjoy pool parties without any worries.

Another important thing that if you want to enhance the performance to make it peak high or want to increase its bass oven more you can linked it with soundcore app that must be installed into the device through which it is connected


In this article, we discuss the most important topic related to speakers we talk about the best large Bluetooth speaker by soundcore hope so this article was helpful to get all the desired information.

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