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Spanish is one of the widely spoken languages and considered as a language of present and future. A fluent orator of Spanish language gets ample job opportunities and chances to grow. If you also wish to learn this prominent overseas language, then there is no better alternative than Oracle International Language Institute as it is the Best Spanish Institute in Delhi and includes some of the most talented Spanish language experts in NCR region.

The Spanish Language Course is a popular choice for home study courses in learning Spanish, especially for those just entering the language or those who have studied it but want to improve their speaking skills. The course covers the basic linguistic function and usage of Spanish, with emphasis on conjugation and tenses, verbs, and grammar. The course consists of two main modules, which are part of a set of eight; they are comprehensive, and a good combination of entertaining games and worksheets to reinforce the study.

The first module of the Spanish Language Course, Spanish without Walls, is an eight week program. The curriculum includes eight CDs-One for each of the four topics taught in the Spanish Language Courses: verb conjugation and vocabulary, reading and writing, grammar and usage, and reading comprehension. The CDs use a “naturalistic” approach to teaching and use a “real life” approach to speaking, therefore allowing students to experience and relate to the language as if they were actually participating in it. The course also includes audio exercises and quizzes and tests to measure student progress. Although the curriculum of the Spanish Language Course covers all of the topics taught in the Spanish Language Courses, it differs from course to course in terms of the length of the modules, the number of classes per week, and the number of audio tapes included in the curriculum.

The second module of the Spanish Language Course is commonly referred to as Tesoro. This module covers eighteen weeks of language instruction, including five CDs-One for each topic taught in the Spanish Language Courses. Tesoro uses a naturalistic approach to teaching and builds its vocabulary and verb conjugation exercises from real life experiences of native speakers of the language. Students interact one-on-one with the teacher to learn directly from them, and are permitted to select their own audio materials for learning. Tesoro has a test-based framework that measures progress at the end of each lesson.

The third module of the Spanish Language Course focuses on verbs and their forms. Vowels and consonants, tenses, numbers, and days of the week are covered in this section of the course. Verbs are introduced using everyday situations and examples from daily conversation. Students practice each verb with the teacher by verbally responding to questions and practicing forming verbs on the Spanish Language Courses’ Test.

The fourth section of the course is called the Destination Module. It introduces you to the various countries of Spanish geography, culture, history, literature, and music. You will familiarize yourself with the Spanish alphabet and the origin of words, as well as how to pronounce words and phrases. You will be introduced to the various uses of Spanish verbs, and practice forming sentences with the help of prompts. The destination module also focuses on daily activities, such as shopping and work.

The fifth module in the Spanish Language Course is focused on the different cultures of Spain. It introduces you to their food and drinks, their histories and traditions, and their modern day culture. You will practice your conversational Spanish by interacting with native Spanish speakers. This section helps students build good reading and writing skills. The final module of the language course introduces you to the different states and provinces in Spain. By this time, students should know how to spell Spanish words, ask and answer Spanish questions, and be able to correctly express themselves using the Spanish language.

You may feel intimidated by the sheer size of the Spanish Language Course. However, a good program will make it easy for you to learn. For example, one Spanish program I took had me listen to the audio modules, then practice saying the correct Spanish words. Then I got a book with the correct answers in Spanish. That way I learned a lot more in just two weeks!

The best part about learning the Spanish Language is that it doesn’t need to take up a lot of your time. Even if you can only spare an hour a day, you’ll still be able to progress much faster. Another thing is that, because Spanish is such a widely spoken language, you can find many Spanish speakers willing to tutor you. With a little bit of dedication and patience you’ll be speaking Spanish in no time. Once you learn how to speak Spanish, why not try learning a new foreign language?


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