Lema Clinic’s Success Recognized with Global Award

Lema Clinic, particularly its recognition as the ‘Best Dental Clinic in Europe’ in 2023. This prestigious award, judged by an independent panel, acknowledges the clinic’s excellence in dental health. Lema Clinic, located in Istanbul, has gained this acclaim due to its patient-centered approach, high-quality services, and innovative treatments like 100% digital smile designs.

The clinic’s success is attributed to its professional team, led by Dr. Polen Akkılıç, and its focus on personalized patient care. Services such as VIP transfers, professional interpreters, and customized treatment plans contribute to its reputation. Lema Clinic has become a hub for health tourism by adopting the latest industry techniques and maintaining high standards in dentistry. The clinic’s aim is not only to win awards but also to raise the bar in service and treatment quality, aspiring to continue as an industry leader in 2024 and beyond.

Lema Clinic offers advanced dental services like Hollywood Smile and aesthetic dentistry, with a focus on individualized treatment plans. It’s recognized for its hospitality, providing a comfortable experience for international patients, which includes luxury accommodations and barrier-free communication.

The clinic’s use of advanced technology, customer-focused approach, and commitment to healthcare excellence have made it a preferred choice globally, particularly in health tourism. Lema Clinic’s continuous investment in modern treatment methods and patient satisfaction further solidifies its position as an innovator in the dental health sector.

Lema Dental Clinic, situated in Istanbul, has been recognized as the ‘Best Dental Clinic in Europe’ in 2023, a testament to its excellence in dental health. This prestigious award, evaluated by an independent panel, reflects the clinic’s commitment to high standards and a patient-centric approach. Lema Clinic’s success is largely due to its innovative services, such as 100% digital smile designs, and a professional team led by Dr. Polen Akkılıç, specializing in treatments like dental implants and teeth whitening.

The clinic’s reputation is bolstered by a range of services aimed at enhancing patient experience, including VIP transfers, professional interpreter teams, and personalized treatment planning. These services cater to both local and international patients, contributing to its status as a hub for health tourism. Lema Clinic’s focus extends beyond treatment outcomes to include patient comfort and satisfaction, making it a choice destination for dental care.

2023 has been a significant year for Lema Clinic, not just in terms of awards but also in raising the bar for service and treatment quality. The clinic’s vision encompasses continual progress and innovation in the dental health sector, with an aim to maintain its leadership and excellence in healthcare services in the coming years.

Patients choose Lema Clinic for its forefront services in dental health, like the popular Hollywood Smile and aesthetic dentistry. 

Lema Clinic’s receipt of awards extends beyond technical skill, reflecting a service that embodies Turkish hospitality, especially for international patients. The clinic ensures a barrier-free treatment process, offering services like VIP transfers and luxury hotel accommodations, demonstrating its commitment to a comprehensive approach to dental health.


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