Lemsip Overdose Death 2022 Inquiry conducted in UK Preston Coroner tribunal

Are you aware of the recent death that was caused by Lemsip overdose? Are you aware of anyone those who are adversely susceptible to lemsip? If so, you can connect to this article for important details.

A woman is prone to throwing coffee-colored bile out of her mouth following an excessive dose of paracetamol. The paracetamol overdose is because of Lemsip. The information about this incident has come via Australia, Ireland,and the United Kingdom reports.

If you are looking to get the full information, you must read the entire article to the end on Lemsip Toxic Death in 2022.

Who passed away after an overdose?

The body of a New Zealand woman has been deceased from liver failure because of an overdose of Lemsip that is resulted from the excessive dose of the drug paracetamol.

According to the reports the woman suddenly developed coughing and chest pains over the last week. She must decide on the lemsip, and then add flu drinks to help ease the symptoms. But her health was too severe on Christmas Day when her son called an ambulance when he saw her mother’s medical condition.

Her mother is beginning vomiting and throwing the coffee-colored bile out of her mouth. The account of Lemsip Overdose Death 2022 begins. After arriving at the hospital the health reports for her treatment revealed that she was suffering from low oxygen levels that led to the liver disease.

The report came from doctors who confirmed her death was due to the liver’s failure. Her liver failed because of an excessive dose of paracetamol along with lemsip. Finally, the New Zealand mother passed away on 7 January.

Inquiry conducted in UK Preston Coroner tribunal

An inquiry was conducted by the UK Preston coroner court after the death of Bergin. The fact that was revealed was that she is a frequent drinker of alcohol. The reason was also for this Lemsip overdose death 2022.

The son of the bergin Mathew is in agreement with this assertion and claims that she had just three or two cans per week. On weekends, she drank as much as 10 cans. He also stated the mother of his son was healthy but she didn’t consume too much food. She generally drinks lots of water. Bergin is a regular user of the lemsip. She takes it after every 4 hours. each sachet contains 1000 mg of paracetamol. It is advised not to consume regular lemsip within 24 hours. Bergin, however, takes an excessive dose of lemsip every four hours. This is why she began vomit and throw up coffee-colored Bile as her liver’s failure and she passed away.

Reports on Lemsip Overdose Death 2022

According to daily mail reports, the latest news was that she passed away from a lack of blood oxygen level and liver problems. This is due to having taken an excessive dose of lemsip for the treatment of cough. However, the overdose can affect her health severely and she begins vomiting.


This article will provide you with pertinent information regarding the death of Bergin. When the news reports were released the conclusion was that she passed away due to an excessive dose of paracetamol which caused liver damage. The death occurred on January 7. According to reports, she also died on 7 January. that she is known to drink large quantities of alcohol.

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