Lia Ribas And The Next Nutrition Revolution: Functional Diets And Improving Lives

Lia Ribas is leading a revolution in the field of nutrition and health that has the health and fitness arena buzzing from Rio to Los Angeles and beyond. Born in Brazil, nutritionist and health advocate Ribas has blazed a trail for functional nutrition that has become a tide that is lifting the health levels of her clients throughout the Western hemisphere. In short, Ribas’ approach emphasizes focused diet and lifestyle changes to optimize health and balance- within certain time constraints. This approach has gained increasing recognition in Brazil and abroad, particularly in the USA and Europe.

Despite her growing acclaim, Ribas remains modest and directs attention towards her passion for detox diets. She believes that these diets can be a powerful tool in promoting better health for people, regardless of where they live.

Ribas’ passion for using nutrition to improve health was ignited over a decade ago during her four years of nutrition and health sciences studies in Brazil. She actively pursued additional courses, lectures, and conferences, with a particular interest in metabolic biochemistry and clinical correlations and interpretation of biochemical tests, which she took with renowned biochemist Professor Henrique Freire Soares.

After graduation, Ribas worked with low-income individuals and developed social actions to promote health and food education, including weekend work in public areas, nutrition events, recipe workshops, small projects in children’s schools, and lectures. She and her colleagues also provided weekly content on social media to inform people about nutrition and health.

Ribas’ expertise extends to food and beverage management projects, and she pursued a specialization in sports, functional, and phytotherapic nutrition at Laboro College. She founded the “Healthy Calorie” project, which later became a successful nutrition clinic, and developed a nutrition approach that includes a range of detox diets, custom nutrition plans, and a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Ribas has also turned her focus towards community service and education for underrepresented communities. She plans to develop programs to reach those who may not have access to the financial or medical resources they need to maintain a healthy diet.

Ribas’ goal is to transform lives through proven nutrition approaches that help people reach their health and wellness goals. Her revolutionary work in the field of nutrition and health has gained widespread recognition, and she remains dedicated to advancing the field through her expertise, compassion, and commitment to promoting better health for all.

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