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Livelynues Reviews Are livelynues legitimate?

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Do you like to try multiple outdoor sports and have the proper equipment? The website we have for you today will assist you in your pursuit of this side. Similar websites are popular in the United States, because people enjoy outdoor sports.

This website review will let you know more about these types of websites, and allow you to make an informed decision on whether Livelynues reviews are safe.

What’s Livelynues?

Livelynues offers a wide range of products including car lights, building and construction toys and other outdoor fun sports, such as skateboarding and scooter activities. The website also sells furniture as well as indoor gaming consoles, such the PS4 Pro (and wireless Bluetooth speakers). We also say that the prices of all products are much lower than those in the offline marketplace. We can also say that Is Livelynues Legit through other factors.


Here are some specifications.

  • This website was registered on 11 June 2021.
  • URL:- http://www.livelynues.com
  • Category:- This website sells many items.
  • Contact Us:- 177 Meadow Lane Long Lake, MN 55356, United States
  • The number to contact is (903)-292-9660. Email: [email protected]
  • Payment method:- COD Visa MasterCard, PayPal MasterCard, Discover MasterCard, JCB, AMEX
  • You can return the item within 14 days of delivery.
  • Refund policy: 7-15 working days
  • Shipping policy: No delivery charges
  • Delivery policy: 15-30 days


  • The Livelynues Review has some pros.
  • SSL xolphin verification was done using the proper HTTPS protocol.
  • This site does not include the Blacklist.
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This website has some drawbacks.

  • This is an extremely young estore.
  • The host country of this website is a high-risk one.
  • The suspicious website was located on the same web server that hosted this website. This website was also heavily searched.
  • Many times, the content analysis of this website was unsuccessful.
  • WHOIS is the service the owner of this site uses to hide his identity.
  • The main concern of this website is threats, viruses and phishing.
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Are livelynues legitimate

This is the most popular question after we have discussed the pros and con of the website. We have to warn you about the dangers of this website.

  • Official creation date for this website is 11/06/2021
  • Our sources have recorded a trust score for this website of 0.8%.
  • For this estore, no Livelynues was offered.
  • Alexa gives this website the Alexa rank of zero.
  • The website contains content that is not worth explaining.
  • This website’s privacy policy seems fake.
  • We might be able to identify the hidden identity of its owner.
  • After clicking on the links provided, we found a negative social media presence about the website.

The customer reviews section below will help you to understand the website better and make a decision about whether or not you trust it.


It is important to have feedback about the website’s future. Customer reviews are crucial for any website that wants to grow. Unfortunately, there were no customer reviews available for this website. This made it suspect. We can conclude that this website is a fraud and cannot be trusted on any terms if we look at the ratings for overall site performance.

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The conclusion shows that Livelynues has been proven to be a complete fraud. We cannot believe it.

We hope this explanation was clear. Please leave comments if you have any questions after reading this website review.

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