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Love Languages in Marriage: Understanding How Each Partner Gives and Receives Love

In a relationship, people show their love differently. Recent research shows that there are generally five love languages that we all follow. Having a good understanding of the love language you require and the love language of your partner is essential for lasting and harmonious relationships. 

What Are Those Love Languages?

Have you ever thought of how you express love? Have you ever thought of how someone you admire expresses his or her love? Well, there are 5 ways to express and understand love. Here they are:

❤️ Words of affirmation 

❤️ Acts of service

❤️ Receiving gifts

❤️ Quality time

❤️ Physical touch

So some people require words of affirmation to feel loved. Some want quality time with their partner. Others see gifts as the way to show love. There are people who want acts of service, while others appreciate physical connection. 

The question is, which one works for you? You may be someone who wants words of encouragement in your marriage. This means simple words like “I like when you smile” or “You look really good in that dress”. For many women, hearing these affirmations showers them with love and works even better than expensive gifts. 

If you are one of the many people who desires a touch to feel loved, then spicing up your sex life will be your thing. Maybe it is a good idea to learn how to use a flogger and integrate some passion into your sex life. Some accessories you will find in a sex shop are excellent to tease and tantalize your lover, therefore, increase sexual chemistry. 

Why Is Physical Touch so Important? 

Physical touch is one of those things that works exceptionally well when you want to please a partner. Touching your lover gives him or her a shot of adrenaline. It can release chemistry into their brain, which makes them feel great. Many people feel validated when they get physical attention. 

You should never forget how important the physical touch element of a relationship is. There may be 5 love languages, but in most cases, physical touch is required and enjoyed by everyone. It all stems back to when we were kids, and we got affection from our parents. We all have a deep affection for when we were kissed and hugged growing up. Physical touch makes us feel validated. It affirms that we are attractive. It gives us all a powerful emotional connection to other people. 

The great thing about physical touch is that it can be done in many exciting ways. Couples have always experimented with sex and physical affection. Some people like to just hold hands. Some couples enjoy cuddling a few times throughout the day. Finally, many couples just love to have lots of sex. 

Spanking is also a physical touch which turns on many women and men. This is a very erotic way of getting physical touch if done correctly. If you are unsure of spanking, you may think about using a flogger. It is a sex toy that is very popular in the BDSM scene. By using a flogger, you get to experience different sensations all over your body. Your partner can control the sensations, and you are totally at his or her mercy. This physical touch enhances sexual pleasure and adds mental stimulation to the experience. 

Spicing up Your Sex Life 

To spice up your sex life, certain things work as a treat. Everyone has different requirements in the bedroom, so it is all about tapping into your sexual desires and fantasies. Communication, as always, is essential if you want a good sex life. If you both agree to trying different kinds of physical touches, then it is a good idea to check out how to use a flogger video since there is a high chance you will enjoy it.

A Flogger: Give it a Go 

Using a flogger in your sex life certainly gets different emotions and sensations flowing. It is a great way to spice things up between you and your lover. A flogger is a leather whip used in BDSM play. The toy is usually no longer than 31 inches long, has a hard handle, and at the end are smooth tails. The number of tails varies from 10 to 50. Often, a flogger is used as a warm-up before using other spanking toys,  but this is not always the case. Please check out the list of tips on how to use a flogger correctly to enjoy it and not be scared of it. 

🍑 Think about the area you will hit

You should focus on the upper back and both sides of the spine. Avoiding the vertebrae is essential as it is a critical body area. Remember that using a flogger does not mean swinging it like a golf club. You want to strike the body but for pleasure, not pain. 

🍑 Embracing hit

Using this method, you will give your partner the best sensations possible. Avoid standing too far away from your partner. The contact of the flogger on the body should be in the middle of the tails at around 45 degrees. Stopping the hand at the moment of contact will create better sensations and feelings for your lover. 

🍑 Covering hit

This is a fantastic way to give your partner maximum pleasure with the flogger. You can deliver this hit from any position. Stand a reasonable distance away from your lover. This can be the length of the arm away. Then swipe your partner’s body with the tails of the flogger. It is like a brush stroke. It should give your partner a rosy skin color as a warm-up. 

Now that you know how to properly use a flogger and can start practicing it with your partner. The benefits of using such a sex toy is tremendous. It adds a real passion to your sex life and excellent fun to your life. Just remember that this type of activity is based on trust. Make sure you are both happy with this type of activity and know your limits. Research has shown that sex toys, such as a flogger, decrease levels of stress and increase immunity. Get yourself a nice red leather flogger for some domination and submission game!

Final Thoughts

Everyone has their own love language, and if yours is physical touch, there is no better way of expressing that than through a flogger. It adds bodily sensations you never knew existed. It is so exciting to get naughty behind closed doors and do things that only you and your partners know about. 

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