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MacOS vs Windows: Which Operating System Is a Better Value?

So the battle between macOS vs. Windows continues and consumers are still wondering which operating system has better value.

After all, both Macs and PCs continue to sell in droves and for every great MacBook release, there’s a new Lenovo laptop calling your name. If you’re unsure of which is the best operating system to consider then this short guide is for you.

We’ll look into the battle between Mac vs. PC and help you decide among these types of operating systems.

Here’s what you must know:

Do You Need a Server?

One of the things that have always caused consumers to opt for Windows over Mac is the server options. While there are pros and cons of Windows servers, it’s far more recognized and workable compared to Mac’s limited options.

If you need to host your website or database on your own then you’ll want to use a service such as Windows Server 2012.

Otherwise, you might not need Windows at all. Now, let’s look into the pros and cons of macOS to see how it holds up.

Why or Why Not Mac?

macOS remains the undisputed champion when it comes to creative production such as recording audio or editing videos.

But it’s not the best for everyday operations such as word processing or making presentations. However, the upside is that all new Macs let you install applications for Windows such as Microsoft Office.

If you opt for an intel-based Mac, you can even install the Windows operating system altogether. This means that on one computer you can operate two operating systems.

So far, this feature isn’t available on Windows computers. Mac computers are also great for protecting against viruses and hacks.

What sets them back is their high pricing. Macs also require extra care to ensure their longevity. If you don’t give your Mac enough rest, you might have to buy a new one in only two years!

Why or Why Not PC?

Now let’s look at where Windows wins apart from needing to host your server. Windows laptops don’t allow macOS but they can allow alternative operating systems such as Linux and Ubuntu.

They’re also superior for everyday applications and there are more software programs made for Windows compared to Mac. For gaming, Windows still remains the superior option.

Windows computers are much cheaper and can last much longer. They’re known to be able to handle more wear and tear compared to Macs. For most consumers, Windows always wins and can satisfy almost every need.

macOS vs. Windows: Who Wins?

Now we end the battle between macOS vs. Windows and it’s up to you to decide who wins.

You have to assess your needs and what tradeoffs you can sacrifice when choosing the best operating system for you. If you need a server then Windows always wins.

But Mac wins for audio and video production and is much safer than Windows. Windows wins for gaming and their computers are cheaper and can last much longer.

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