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Maintenance of a Wig | Do’s and Don’ts

In recent years, women have become increasingly open about using wigs as a fashion statement. This article is all about Wigs. Wigs are constructed of synthetic fiber, which is inexpensive, or real human hair, which is more expensive but has a more natural appearance and can be styled quickly. With the emerging trends of wearing wigs like bob wigs with bangs and full lace human hair wigs, people are wholly persuaded due to the improbable godsends wigs offer to equally women and men. But maintenance of the wig is a daunting task. 

Here are some crucial things to keep in mind for maintaining a wig!

  1. Protect your wig and Keep it Neat

One of the most important things is to keep your wig clean. When you’re not wearing a wig, keep it in a mannequin or on a hanger of some sort so that it stays erect and doesn’t become tangled, especially when you are trying to put bob with the bangs wig because this wig is an easy grab-and-go unit and can be worn every day.

  1. Better to Take your Wig to a Professional for Styling and Setting

When it comes to styling your wig, it’s best to leave it to some professionals. Nowadays, numerous salons specialize in wig maintenance and styling. So go to a salon where many professionals will be able to assist you. 

  1. Read All Instructions Carefully While Purchasing Wig

Simply, natural human hair is stronger and more heat resistant than synthetic wigs, which are artificial, tangle less, and seldom melt. So, while buying a wig, keep an eye out for the materials it’s composed of and read the directions thoroughly.

There are a few things you should avoid on your wig; let’s take a quick look at the following!

  1. Never Use Wig While Sleeping or Taking a Shower

One important thing is to never take a shower with your wig. Also, take it off when it’s raining too hard and while sleeping. You don’t want it to become tangled and knotted up from all the moving around at night.

  1. Don’t Use Too Many Heating Rods on Your Wig 

You should know that heat might harm your wig when styling it. Make sure not to use too much heat on your wig, whether it is from a hairdryer or hair straightener, or heating roller. Especially on full lace human hair wig, you don’t need to give them heat as their hair is easy to settle and soft with no smell or no shedding at all on it.

  1. Don’t Spray the Wig or Put Gel on it

The wig is tangled or becomes greasy and unmanageable by using gel or spray. Just don’t overdo it. Especially on frontal lace wig because the hair of that wig is already very soft, and you don’t need to do any customizing to it or no need to put gel or spray on it. 


If you take excellent care of your natural hair and scalp, wearing a wig every day is not a terrible idea. Whether you wear a wig or use accessories like hats and scarves, your hair and skin cells will develop. For order and more information, you can easily reach Luvme Hair today. Be the first to know about the latest restock, sales, style updates & more!

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