Make your 3D Printing Safe with Snapmaker Air Purifiers

3D printers are excellent tools for creating 3D objects with the help of computers. So a computer file gets generated and guides the 3D printer on the object’s design and how. 3D printers essentially stack layers of material to get the desired product. For example, some use high temperatures, and some use lasers. In addition, 3D printers also use different printing materials to create different types of 3D objects depending on your desired target. 

So depending on the printing material used, 3D printers can emit harmful gases that, when ignored, can pose some dangers to the users. These emissions vary depending on the 3D printer and filaments used in 3D printing. Some common risks are associated with taking in harmful materials through our nostrils. 3D printing can release particulates and other toxic chemicals into the air. But using an Air Purifier for a 3D printer can help reduce the damage. So how do you protect your workers or yourself from exposure to 3D printing emissions? Here are some of the recommended ways;

  • If you intend to buy a 3D printer for industrial use, limit the equipment access to trained and authorized personnel only. 
  • Try using an enclosure for a 3D printer and the best Air Purifier for a 3D printer from Snapmaker to capture chemical emissions.
  • Try using materials with lower emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and PM (particle matter). 
  • Also, reduce the time you spend near your printer while 3D printing. 
  • Learn about potential hazards and how to protect yourself during printing. 
  • During the printing process, wear the appropriate safety for maximum protection.

Regardless of where the 3D printer gets used and its printing materials, getting the best Air Purifier for a 3D printer is mandatory. To enhance your safety further, you can also consider adding an enclosure. If you require an Air Purifier for your 3D printer, buy a Snapmaker 2.0 air purifier and other excellent add-ons. They are the best and offer the highest level of protection to a 3D printer user. While these gases are not fatal, continuous exposure can pose health risks. Some common pollutants emitted are VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and PM (particle matter); they can easily get inhaled into the lungs and even enter your bloodstream because they are tinny. So, an Air Purifier for a 3D printer is a must to prevent this from happening. It will help remove the pollutants from reaching the air you breathe. 

Unfortunately, not all air purifiers can serve this purpose due to the nature of the VOC particles. So, to find the best air purifier for a 3D printer, you must ensure it has the following features to work perfectly.

  • It must contain HEPA filters. The HEPA filter design removes a specific type of particles, with a standard of 99.99 percent of 0.1-micron size pollutants. So this makes HEPA filters the best in reducing the exposure of the pollutants emitted during the 3D printing process. So if you desire the best Air Purifier for a 3D printer with HEPA filters, Snapmaker 2.0 air purifier is your take. Visit our website to find more information on this product.
  • It must also contain carbon air filters, which are effective at trapping a wide range of VOCs. In addition, they are effective in removing large particles which get emitted during the 3D printing process.

Such air purifiers ensure that all the harmful gases are removed from the air, making it safe for you to continue breathing. So whenever you buy an Air Purifier for a 3D printer, ensure it contains HEPA and carbon filters because they are the best at filtering out all the pollutants emitted during 3D printing. If you want the best air purifier, visit our website to place your order.

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