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This article about Marshall and Millions Video is written to provide you with some information on these two dogs.

Have you seen the Marshall video? Recently, it has become very popular. You may be one of the people searching for this video. Do you want to know more about the video? The majority of people in the Philippines, United Kingdom, Sweden and the United States want to know more about this video. You have come to the right place if you are among them. All the information about Marshall & Millions Video is discussed in the article below.

What is Marshall and Million Video?

We all know that this video is gaining attention around the globe. Who are Marshall & Millon? Marshall and Million were two dogs that were killed by police. This tragic incident has been shared all over the globe. According to sources, people are against the police’s action. These dogs were American Staffordshire Terriers – a breed which is sometimes mislabeled a pitbull. The dogs were of medium size, weighing between 40 to 60 pounds. They were very brave and bold dogs.

Marshall and Million Petition

The Marshall and Million video has gone viral around the world and left people stunned. The owner was very attached to these two dogs. These two beautiful, big and bold dogs were killed. Many dog owners are devastated by this news. Many people are demanding justice on Facebook , Instagram , and other social media platforms. Popularity is a hallmark of this breed. These dogs are used for therapy, as family pets and working dogs. A petition signed by thousands of people against the police has been circulated.

What happened to Marshall & Million?

According to the latest information available, Marshall and Million went for a walk around Tower Hamlets with their owner Louie Turnbull. Je was approached after a while by a few Police officers, who said that this breed wasn’t allowed in the area. As seen in the YouTube video, they were therefore banned from this region. According to sources, Turnbull did not accept the ban and began to argue. Turnbull was tasered by the police and fell to the floor. The police shot the dogs dead after they ran to their owner in order to protect him. Netizens are reportedly demanding legal action against the police.

Video Viral on Reddit

This video is now a viral hit on all social media platforms. People demand justice for these two dogs. Netizens have said that the police should be better educated on dogs and other things. Twitter has been flooded with comments from people. This horrible incident happened in London. This matter is being investigated by the Independent Office for Police Conduct. This issue needs to be addressed. Police officers must receive better training and education about animals.

Tiktok Marshall & Million

This tragic incident occurred at Limehouse Cut, London at 5pm on a Sunday. According to sources, police officers treated the owner of the two dogs in a way that was not acceptable. The police officers responsible for shooting the innocent dogs will be prosecuted. On Telegram, and other social media sites, you can read what people think about the incident. Only a responsible owner can handle this breed. Many people around the world have been saddened by this news. In the city, a candle march took place. Even dogs’ lives are important. This march was held in order to raise public awareness and justice for the two dogs.


The police shot the dogs aggressively, as we’ve read. We are sorry to tell you that they have died. The investigation into this incident continues by higher officials. For more information please click this link

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