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Matija Pecotic, a tennis player from Palm Beach (Florida), United States. Pecotic climbed to the rank of 206 on 23 November 2015. This is his highest rank in his career. Unfortunately, he was injured and his rank dropped after he recovered. What is his current rank?

Did you know that Pecotic has won matches in the past and is now ready to face another opponent? Let’s learn more about Matija pecotic LinkedIn.

The recent interview with Pecotic is

Today, Marcos Giron beat Matija Pecotic in the R2 match at Delray Beach by winning two sets straight. He had a lead of 6 to 3 and 6 to 3. The following link will allow you to view highlights from the match, which began at 9:00 AM EST.

Pecotic was instantly popular after he defeated Jack Sock to win round 32 of the Association of Tennis Professionals Tour (ATP). He took the lead in the second set and third sets on February 15, 2023. He won round 32 of the Atp by 6:2, 6:2, and 6;2. Pecotic was ranked 829th in ATP. His ranking rose after winning the match; he is now at 784th.

Pecotic never made it to the final round in any other match during his career. He won the match and entered round 16. He will face Marcos Giron, from the USA, today on Wednesday 16 February 2023.

Pecotic is from the Republic of Croatia Republika. Pecotic was born in Belgrade, Serbia on the 3rd of July 1989. He is 33 years old, 7 months and 11 days old. In 2013, he became a pro tennis player. Pecotic, who is 6′.2 inches tall and 186 lbs., has a strong physique. Pecotic is a left-handed player who plays a backhand with both hands. Pecotic’s coach is Dominik Hrbaty.

Education and professional background of Pecotic:

Pecotic earned his bachelor’s in finance and politics from Princeton University between 2009 and 2013. Pecotic was the captain for the men’s tennis squad. Pecotic graduated from Harvard Business School in 2017-19.

He has won three doubles titles since 2013 and twelve professional singles titles since 2013. This is also referred to Matija pecotic LinkedIn profile. He was a participant in the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon Grand Slams. He is currently a Croatian United Cup Team member. He was a member, until 2020, of the Croatian Davis Cup Team.

Pecotic was a venture capitalist and real estate investor in the early stages of 2017-18. Pecotic became the director at Wexford Real Estate Investors LLC, in 2021. He continues his tennis matches as part-time work.

Pecotic stated that he works 9-6 in the office and has less time to practice tennis because of Matija Pecotic real estate responsibilities. Pecotic would love to be able to focus on his tennis matches and get off the office.

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