Maywood Police Officer Suicide – All the Details You Need to Know!

This article provides details about the Maywood Officer Suicide as well as the cause of his death.

Is it possible that the Maywood police officer committed suicide? Social media went wild after the suicide news about the Maywood police officer was published in United States. Internet users search the web to find out the cause of the death of the police officer. Many people are also interested in the details of the officer and have many questions. To find answers to all your questions, read the Maywood Officer Suicide Article.Maywood Police Suicide

Sgt. Jason Liaban was a Maywood Police Department officer who died from self-inflicted gunshot on March 30, 2023. Jason Liaban, a 16-year-old veteran, took Jason Liaban with him to the medical center. At 2:30 AM, he attempted suicide. Hackensack University Medical Centre reported Thursday morning that Jason Liaban, a police officer, had died.

The Bergen County Prosecutor did not confirm the suicide of the officer in the death investigation. However, there are no criminal activities or suspects against his death. The sudden death of the officer by Maywood Police Department is deeply felt. The investigation into the death of the police officer is still ongoing.

Maywood Police Officer Died

The police department was not prepared for Jason Liaban’s sudden death. At the hospital, he attempted suicide. Experts and officers claim that the incident occurred in Bergen County. These statements were not received by the police officers. But, there is no evidence or confirmation regarding the death of Officer Jason Liaban.

Criminal involvement is also being investigated in the case of the police officer who died. However, there is still no evidence. The investigation will not stop there. The police department is investigating the cause of the death of the co-police officer.

Maywood NJ Police Officer Killed

Public opinion is divided on the death of a NJ police officer. Many people claim that the suicide of a police officer is not natural. There may be some important facts. The death of the police officer could also be a result of another reason. However, the officers of the police department clearly state that there was no criminal involvement in his death.

What happened?

The Maywood Officer Suicide was enclosed by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office. It is a self-inflicted shotgunshot. The Hackensack University Medical Center was notified that the officer tried to commit suicide.

Bergen County Prosecutor Mark Musella asked the Liaban’s relatives and law enforcement colleagues for help in grieving without any disturbance. Sergeant Jason Liaban, a Maywood police officer, committed suicide at the age of 39.

Investigation Report

Jason Liaban was a police officer who was in an emergency. A police captain arrived at the hospital to assist him. He would be identified and escorted into the emergency room.

Jason Liaban’s Maywood Officer Suicide service weapon was found in the bathroom near the ER. Jason was then given confidentiality because he would gladly come in and was willing to be acquiescent. The gunshot rang. Jason Liaban was clearly dead by 3 AM.


Still ongoing is the investigation into the death of the Maywood Police officer, who was 39 years old. The death of Maywood Police Officer is attracting public attention. You can find out more about the Maywood Police Officer’s Suicide at this link.

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