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McDonalds 66th Anniversary Carnival Celebration & Details about

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Do you want to know more about the McDonalds Carnival Celebration scam. Swipe up to learn more and see how it got around people.

Are you aware of the McDonald’s scam? The details below will help you learn more.

We can see that scams are a common occurrence in the Philippines. The scammers tried to spread the fake messages via social media, and then shared them with others through instant messages.

McDonalds’ 66th Anniversary Carnival Celebration scam claimed that users will be able to get the gifts they desire from the link. Unfortunately, this scam has been exposed to many people. We will continue our investigation to learn more.

What are the latest news?

The McDonald’s scam is the latest news. These fraudsters made posts on social media and sent messages encouraging users to click on the attached link. McDonald’s is giving a set of gifts in recognition of its 66th birthday.

Clicking the link will get you a $700 gift coupon. McDonalds 66th Anniversary Promomessage – This message was sent mostly via Facebook and many users were caught in it. Users who clicked on the link didn’t get diverted to McDonald’s. They were directed to another website.

The links to the messages will expire 2022. These are scam websites that users should stay clear of. The scam messages are designed to get users to send or share links via WhatsApp and other social networks.

Details about McDonalds 66th Anniversary Carnival Celebration.

  • The messages are sent to the users via instant messages or on their Facebook page.
  • The messages encourage users to click the link.
  • It promises to deliver gifts worth approximately $700 to users. However, they must first send it to other users.
  • These messages are likely scam messages. Users need to be aware that there are many scams.
  • It does not redirect to McDonald’s’ official site.
  • We also find out that McDonald’s anniversary is over when we look at the news.

Views of McDonald’s customers on McDonalds 66th Anniversary Promo message:

Users are receiving promotional messages via various social media channels, according to our research. The tricksters are posting them on social media to trap people. But we also know that users should be aware of the messages so they can avoid being caught.

The bottom Line:

So, it is clear that McDonald’s has never been anniversary and that the messagesare false. Therefore, users are advised not to click on any of the links.

Also, keep up to date with news and avoid McDonalds66th anniversary Carnival Celebration fraud. This is because your personal data can be compromised when you click on these hyperlinks.

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