Meet AMANI SAAB, a leading Fashion Label with Large Goals for Sustainability Efforts

AMANI SAAB is redefining modern luxury by expressing a distinctive vision of conscious femininity with mindful design at the core of the brand’s philosophy. The Houston-based fashion label was co-founded by husband- and-wife duo Amani Saab and Ziad 

Aboulmouna. They are driven by the belief that true empowerment begins by making conscious choices at every step of our fashion journey. They do not follow the seasonal fashion calendar, nor do they produce numerous styles per collection. They embrace a less-is-more philosophy from conception to production, valuing quality and creative expression, to create distinctive designs that transcend time.

The brand’s creative identity embraces duality: balancing sensuality with sophistication, boldness with refinement and glamour with ease. Amani Saab’s mission is to create a world where women feel celebrated, exude glamour with ease, and revel in garments crafted with meticulous care and social responsibility. 

The brand is led Venezuelan-Lebanese designer Amani Saab. She began her fashion journey in Florence, Italy, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design from Accademia Italiana. After gaining experience working for esteemed designers such as Charbel Karam and Elie Saab, Amani returned to Italy, completing her Masters in Fashion Brand Management at Polimoda. In 2021, she moved to the United States, establishing her eponymous label.

Amani’s creative identity embraces duality: balancing sensuality with sophistication and opulence with effortlessness. Drawing inspiration from her multicultural upbringing, Amani combines influences from her Middle Eastern and South American heritage to create collections that reflect her cosmopolitan vision of beauty for women worldwide.

“I design for women to feel celebrated in every piece that we make, to radiate glamour with ease, and to revel in garments crafted with meticulous care and social responsibility.”

In addition to fashion design, playing tennis and piano has always been a passion of her. Also, travel is an important aspect of her life as she is a nomad at heart. Travelling is where she finds a deep source of inspiration for my creative and personal development. 

The brand’s co-founder  is Ziad Aboulmouna. He was born and raised in Tennessee. He attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville and graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. After graduation, Ziad joined Schlumberger and moved to Saudi Arabia where he spent 8 years operating in a high stress business environment, while delivering

quality results for his clients. Managing and growing a district to multi million-dollar monthly revenue in an ever-changing business environment has given him the

knowledge and confidence to transfer from operations in the Oil & Gas industry into an industry that he never imagined he would have the opportunity to be leading. 

At AMANI SAAB, Ziad’s goal is to implement lean business practices in line with

Amani’s vision of leading the fashion industry for a social and environmentally conscious future. Bringing his analytical skills to the company, he also leads the marketing and financial operations of the business. 

Mindful design is a term we use rather than the word ‘sustainable’. For fashion designers’, the word ‘sustainable’ is a contradiction. The essence of a designer is to create and to innovate. A mindful approach to design allows them think about their creative process in a more conscious way – from how they source our materials to how garments are produced, packaged . The fashion industry’s supply chain is extremely fragmented. Acquiring full traceabililty consists of knowing where the raw materials were farmed, where the fibers were spun and made into textiles – as well as knowing the working conditions of each supplier and measuring their social and environmental impact purpose. 

Fashion is meant to be a tool to help people express their individuality. Most fashion brands adhere to the traditional fashion system by constantly following trends and outputting numerous styles that are mass produced. This has led the fashion industry into an unsustainable cycle of overproduction and overconsumption – favoring quantity over quality, conformity over individuality and profitability over responsibility. They believe that it is essential to create the conditions in which their business can operate at a lower environmental impact. They value transparency to share our progress as we continue to learn and to work purposefully towards a more socially and environmentally conscious future. 

They believe in creating fewer, more meaningful designs that will be loved and treasured beyond trends and seasons. Contrary to the seasonal fashion calendar, we embrace a less-is-more philosophy by releasing limited styles in a controlled number that feeds demand while maintaining exclusivity and minimizing inventory. 

Lastly, their gifting boxes are made using recycled materials. They have been designed with the intention to be reused and treasured for storage or gift packaging.  All of their shipping accessories are fully recyclable including our shipping boxes, hangtags, thank you cards and tissue wrapping paper. 

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