Memecoin to look out for in Q1 2023 – Mooky coin and Big eyes

One of the most frequently used commodities currently is cryptocurrency. The Covid-19 pandemic greatly boosted its popularity, and it is not likely to fade away any time soon. Meme coins are one type of cryptocurrency that has gained attention recently.

A type of cryptocurrency known as meme coins uses internet jokes and memes to transmit value to the blockchain. These cryptocurrencies frequently have a sizable community behind them and are a great way for like-minded individuals to connect.

Meme coins have been available for about ten years, but only recently have they gained popularity. Dogecoin (DOGE), the first meme coin, became famous after Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk tweeted positively about it. It is currently one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies.

Even if Dogecoin is well-liked, does it merit the buzz surrounding meme coins? Two amazing meme currencies that are attempting to revolutionize the meme coin game are Mooky and Big Eyes Coin (BIG).


The cutest and most stylish token of 2023 is Mookey’s mission. supporting global tree planting

The community holds the MOOKY token, and a DAO vote determines how it will be governed. The platform’s owners are the people who own tokens.

Beta testing is now taking place for MOOKY’s presale. Be a market innovator for the most attractive community-owned Defi meme coin that is just starting to get traction!

MOOKY is the cutest and coolest 2023 meme token! We will assist with tree planting efforts around the world to better our environment and spark change.

There are no slippage requirements for purchasing or selling on Mooky because there is no tax. Low-tax tokens are the wisest option for the community. The liquidity will be constrained for two years. There are no team tokens, VC, or private sales.

3D Mooky NFTs that are extremely innovative and practical! Each NFT also has a traceable link to a real-world tree that was planted. If you possess a legendary or extremely rare card, you are eligible to join the Mooky Ventures club! Try it right now! Make one of our exclusive NFTs.

Owners of legendary and ultra-rare NFTs receive a particular benefit through the Ventures club. Take advantage of the products, bimonthly airdrops from our collaborative platforms, and passive income from our investment portfolio. Watch it all.


The ninth stage of the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) presale is currently ongoing. This meme coin. Its presale has earned over $16.5 million and recently achieved $1 million in just 24 hours! It is a huge success!

This meme coin is based on a cute cat in the style of an anime character who likes the sea and all aquatic life. As a result, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is investing 5% of all of its BIG tokens in a unique charity wallet that will be given to various organizations dedicated to preserving the oceans. Sea Shepherd is one of the organizations to whom Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has already made donations. This group is committed to protecting the oceans and eradicating human trash.

If it earns an extra $12 million, Big Eyes Coin will launch at the end of January 2023. If the coin earns a further $51 million, it will debut right away. The meme coin is giving consumers 200% additional BIG tokens at the checkout with the 200% coupon LAUNCHBIGEYES200. To be transparent and honest, the website also includes a calculator that displays the value of BIG tokens in USDT as well as their estimated value in the future.


Meme coins are entertaining varieties of cryptocurrencies that aid in uniting people with similar interests. In recent years, their popularity has increased. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and Mooky Coin are two meme coins that should be on your 2023 watchlist since they are providing fresh concepts to the cryptocurrency space.

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