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Million Dollar Vax Alliance Australia Milliondollarvax Com How To Login?

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Melbourne 3 October 2021 – A lucky Australian will be awarded $1 million to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in the new unveiled Million Dollar Vax campaign.

With the aim of accelerating the vaccination program in Australia throughout October The Million Dollar Vax will see $4.1M worth of prizes being given to the winners. The prize includes 100 $1,000 gift cards, in addition to the grand prize of $1,000,000 in cash drawn on the 5th of November.

The campaign was created through the Million Dollar Vax Alliance, which is a group of generous philanthropists as well as corporations in order to increase the rate of vaccination to 80percent across the country as fast as is possible.

Craig Winkler of the Million Dollar Vax Alliance

Are you hoping to make a million dollars? It’s as simple as obtaining the COVID-19 vaccine.

What’s being offered to the luckier Australian in a brand-new initiative dubbed”Million Dollar Vax Campaign” “Million Dollar Vax Campaign”.

The campaign will reward winners of $ 4.1 million and the $1 million cash prize drawing on the 5th of November.

The 3,100 gift cards will be awarded throughout the month of October.

Initiated by philanthropists and business The campaign is aiming to increase the national rate of immunization at or above 80%, which is one of the main goals to restart within the overall strategy.

However, Craig Winkler of the Million Dollar Vax Alliance claims that it’s not designed to persuade Australians who are hesitant to undergo vaccination.

“The promotion is simply meant to reward people who decide to get vaccinated now rather than wait, so that we can reduce the community impact of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the official stated in a statement Sunday. .

The first version is the best

“The objective is to accelerate Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination schedule with a safe method throughout October.

“The quicker we reach higher rates of vaccination across the country of more than 80%, the quicker we will be able to be able to resume the full range of business and community activities. “

The rates of vaccination in Australia have risen dramatically in recent months, as supply issues decreased and 79% of those over 16 receiving at least one dose, while 56% received of them receiving a double dose.

The federal government was looking at incentives to get Australians to get vaccines prior to outbreaks that could lead to the closure of the highly infective Delta variant that is found in NSW in NSW and Victoria.

The concept is inspired by Ohio’s ‘Vax A-Million’ campaign as well Philanthropy Australia CEO Jack Heath hopes that their variant can “save lives, ease the burden on healthcare workers and will benefit the whole community “.

All Australian adults can take part in the online contest in the event that they have received their first dose prior to the 31st of October.

The prizes will be awarded only to people who have had their vaccinations completed on or before December 13, which is six weeks after the date of expiration.

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