Miss Intercontinental 2021 Wiki Who are the Continental Queens in the Miss Intercontinental 2021?

Miss Intercontinental 2021 Pageant has been held successfully on Friday night on 29th October 2021. The location for the event was Sharm El Sheik, Egypt with global delegates. Miss Intercontinental 2019 from Hungary were invited to crown the new Miss Intercontinental.

Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental 2021, Cinderella Faye Obenita is the Miss Intercontinental 2021 of the future who took on over 70 contestants from various continents and countries and was the winner of the contest.

When she was awarded the crown the queen was congratulated, and praised by a lot of people from and around the Philippines. It was confirmed by the Miss Intercontinental 2021 Wiki page as well as other news channels confirmed it.

who are you? Cinderella Obenita?

Cinderella Obenita is a 25 years old tourism official located in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. She is in the spotlight since the 29th of October 2021 following being crowned the Miss Intercontinental 2021 Crown organized in Egypt.

She pleaded for to win the Miss Intercontinental Crown after 2018 in which a Pilipino Karen Gallman was crowned as the Miss Intercontinental 2018.

She is the chief tourism officer in Cagayan city of Cagayan de Oro. She was a participant in the contest to take on the other contestants, who begged for the crown after beating the contestants. The contest was won by Mexico, England, and Canada which took home the crown of runners-up.

Miss Intercontinental 2021 Wiki The Whole Results

According to the Wiki page for Miss Intercontinental 2021 below is the entire outcome of the competition:

  • Miss Intercontinental 2021 – Cinderella Faye Obenita
  • Runner-up First – Miss Intercontinental Mexico – Paulina Uceda Escorcia
  • Runner-up Second – Miss Intercontinental United Kingdom – Romy Simpkins
  • Third Runner-up Miss Intercontinental Seychelles Kelly-Mary Anette
  • Runner-up Fourth – Miss Intercontinental Canada – Kaitlyn Li
  • Runner-up Fifth – Miss Intercontinental Colombia – Maria Paula Castillo Lopez

The information was sourced via The Miss Intercontinental 2021 Wiki page. There are many more details users can learn from the site.

Who are the Continental Queens in the Miss Intercontinental 2021?

As per the Wiki page for Miss Intercontinental 2021 here is the complete list of continental queens.

  • Miss Intercontinental Asia & Oceania – Cinderella Faye Obenita
  • Miss Intercontinental Europe – Romy Simpkins, United Kingdom
  • Miss Intercontinental South America – Maria Paula Castillo Lopez, Colombia
  • Miss Intercontinental Africa – Kelly-Mary Anette
  • Miss Intercontinental North America – Paulina Uceda Escorcia, Mexico

The other contestants who received the awards that were given out according to Miss Intercontinental 2021 Wiki the other contestants who were awarded special awards according to Miss Intercontinental 2021 Wikipage are:

  • Amy Marie Rodriguez Hernandez, Dominican Republic Won Best National Costume
  • Paulina Uceda, Mexico Won Best Swimsuit Award
  • Cinderella Faye Obenita Wins the Miss Popular
  • Paulina Uceda, Mexico Won the Best Body Award

The Wrapping All Itself

Miss Intercontinental 2021 is the international pageant that sees participants from around the world are invited to compete and take home the crown. The 2021 contest will be held in Egypt and the Pilipino tourism office demanded to crown the winner in 2021, as according to the Miss Intercontinental 2021 Wiki page.

The additional details of the contest and event are available at the Wikipedia page which visitors can go to find all the necessary information regarding the beauty and beauty contest. After winning the crown at this beauty competition, numerous people, including celebrities and delegates, have praised the winner throughout her home country.

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